Forecasting the Growth of Active Electronic Components Market by 2030

active electronic components market
active electronic components market

The global active electronic components market has achieved a significant milestone, surpassing US$300 billion in revenue by the end of 2029. The market has experienced robust growth at a CAGR of over 8% since 2021, driven by the escalating demand from the electronics and automotive industries.

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Active electronic components play a vital role in powering various telecom equipment and networking devices, as well as consumer electronics devices like smartphones and laptops. The surging demand for consumer electronics is a major driver behind the market’s growth. Additionally, the implementation of next-generation 5G infrastructure in developing countries, particularly in India, has fueled the demand for new IT and telecom equipment, further boosting the adoption of active electronic components.

The automotive industry’s increasing shift towards automation and electric vehicles (EVs) has further contributed to the market’s expansion. Active electronic components are widely used in driver assistance systems, power-integrated devices, telematics, and GPS, enhncing the efficiency and functionality of modern vehicles.

Moreover, the growing prevalence of connected technology-enabled devices has accelerated the market’s growth. Manufacturers are leveraging digital technology to streamline operations, leading to improved productivity and operational efficiency in industrial automation.

Despite the positive outlook, the market faces challenges related to fluctuating raw material prices and high production costs. Nevertheless, the dominance of semiconductor devices in the market, driven by continuous product innovation and the demand for energy-efficient systems, continues to bolster the market’s growth.

The Asia Pacific region remains at the forefront of the active electronic components market, boasting the largest consumer electronics hub worldwide. Major manufacturers like Samsung Electronics, Xiaomi Corporation, and BBK electronics (including brands such as Vivo, Oppo, and Realme) significantly contribute to the region’s market growth. Emerging countries like India and China are witnessing a surge in demand for industrial automated systems, further driving the market’s expansion.

In North America, stable revenue growth is projected, driven by the increasing demand for connected cars, investments in 5G networks by key telecom giants, and government initiatives towards smart cities and renewable energy resources.

Key players in the active electronic components market include Infineon Technologies AG, NXP Semiconductors NV, Texas Instruments, Inc., Toshiba Corp., Intel Corp., and others.

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