Five Amazingly Creative Kitchen Refurbishment Ideas


It is said, “You should design kitchens around what’s truly important-fun, food, and life.” However, in order to have the kitchen ever-ready for preparing amazing meals, one must keep it maintained and functional. A great way to achieve that is through refurbishment. 

Kitchen refurbishments are crucial as they enhance functionality, aesthetics, and property value, creating a more enjoyable cooking and dining experience while also boosting overall home appeal and potential resale value.

Taking the importance into account, this blog will highlight the five best creative ideas for your kitchen refurbishment. Let’s dive straight into it!

1- Use Bold Cabinets 

Believe it or not, cabinets can make a powerful impression in your kitchen. Whether they are upper cabinets or lower cabinets, they add a layer to the aesthetics of your space. You can use plaid, simple wood cabinets, or white cabinets to make your kitchen look larger and wider. Also, you can customise your kitchen space with crafty and wood cabinets of your choice.

For instance, choosing a bold design with a Mediterranean pattern can add a strong contemporary look to your kitchen. Or, you can opt for sleek designs with laminate doors for a chic modern look. Moreover, if you have an eye for art, you can choose textured or decorated glass panels. The difference cabinets can make on the overall aesthetics of your kitchen will leave you in awe!

2- Install A Kitchen Island

A kitchen island can make a significant difference in your kitchen space. It is true that kitchen slabs and counters are really helpful, but installing a kitchen island at the centre of your space can really make your space look wider and open. By adding one in your kitchen, you can create more space for seating and storing the dishes skilfully. 

You can transform it into a workstation with a butcher block, opened shelves on the side to hold different kitchen equipment and other smaller objects that you can need to prepare meals for your adored ones. 

3- Try Uncommon Shelving 

Gone are the days of boring shelving and storage spaces. With innovative interior design plans getting increasingly popular, it is now easier than ever to revitalise your kitchen space and boost its functionality. If you have a larger kitchen space, you cannot not only install a kitchen island and befitting cabinetry but also employ hanging or decorative storage facilities for easier access and enhanced aesthetics. Hanging open shelves provide much-needed storage space in your kitchen without compromising the aesthetics of your modern, sleek kitchen. 

4- Add Colours With Tile Backsplash 

The backsplash is an inescapable part of cooking in the kitchen. You cannot control the splatters and spluttering when cooking, but you can prevent them from destroying your beautiful kitchen wall or the sub-wood panels. A tile backsplash can readily help you in saving your kitchen interiors while also adding another hue of colours or textures. These wonderfully designed tiles can be pre-installed or even used as temporary measures while cooking. 

5- Install Stainless Steel Appliances 

Most appliances found in the market today implement stainless steel to increase their durability, hygiene, and tensile strength. Commonly used steel grates, wood -burners, and other kitchen equipment that were used in the past were definitely functional but not reliable. Modern stainless steel appliances are sleek and hardy. Not only are they capable of withstanding extreme temperatures, but they are also easier to clean and manage. Not to mention, they also add a modern touch to your kitchen design. 

Bottom Line

These are some extensive insights into what creative ideas can transform your kitchen into a beautiful open, and functional space. Remember that refurbishing is an opportunity to instil new experiences, and therefore it’s vital that you get as creative and considerate as possible. At the same time, you can contact Bohunone for the best services. We provide everything from promising plumbing work to complete kitchen refurbishment. We’re also the leading loft conversion specialists in London and specialise in other construction projects too. Contact us now to learn more.