Fashion Trends Review


Fashion trends straight from the streets of fashion capitals burst onto the catwalk and will inevitably appear in stores in all cities. Choose now to be among the first among equals.


Everyone from street style models to YouTubers is involved in the appearance of bomber jackets on the catwalks. They really wanted to popularize this wardrobe item, they talked and wrote so much about it that the fashion world gave up and gave the bombers their way to the masses.

Choose an oversized bomber jacket in a classic khaki color, as military is also in favor.

Indian patterns

India, as an example of a new sounding of ethnic motives, blossomed on the catwalks with stormy colors of non-classical prints.

Shorts with tights

Mostly we are talking about denim shorts, not everyone decides to combine them with tight black tights, so we will refer this combination to the micro-trends of the season.

Color blocks – saturated colors

Vivid images of total immersion in color hit the eyes with high beam headlights.


More and more gothic outfits are balancing the vibrant coloristic frenzy.

Digital prints

Black and white micro trend.

Mini Dresses

Fashion is obliged to balance itself, and if in one place there is a formless maxi, then in another, femininity and deliberate sexuality should rule the ball. Mini dresses are proof of this.


It is better to move the feathers to the accessories area, since they did not take root as a decoration on clothes in previous seasons.


Berets do not want to surrender their positions to panama hats and straw hats, huddle on the verge of falling out of the top and are fighting for the hearts of lovers of classics and French chic.


Chains are conquering the world of accessories, they are hung on bags, necks, used as belts.


I would classify capes as a non-catching trend. The reason, in my opinion, is a formless inconvenience. But the fashion industry isn’t giving up.

Chess cage

Black and white checks are in fashion, ideal for creating modest basic looks that go slightly beyond the deliberate classics and office dress code.

Dresses Plus Pants

The difficulty of embracing the trend in our latitudes is that there is no weather for combining a dress with trousers. It is hot in summer and cold in winter. I love this linen trend.


Brown is gradually migrating from the off-season to the spring / summer wardrobe. Stylists debunk the myths that black, navy and brown are not for summer.

Extra long trousers

Tired of short pants, there is the strength to wear heels, then long wide-leg pants are the best option for changing the fashion course. Your legs will acquire a few extra centimeters in length, no one will know your little secret as long as the shoe is hidden under the leg.

Bow tie

The bow on the neck is the most delicate accent.


Even if you have not yet had time to get bored of stretched T-shirts and ripped jeans, grunge with its inherent audacity will burst into your cozy basic wardrobe, resistance is only welcome.

Long down jacket

These are no longer down-padded blankets, the models have a sporty shape.

Comics and landscapes on clothes

A trend for those who started with a log and cannot stop.


Not those corsets that emphasize the chest, but those that, like a flower stalk, collect the image, remaining a minimalistic accent.

New leopard

Designers offer a different presentation of a leopard print , not a banal top or bottom of a classic color, into a total play with unusual shapes and colors.

Fitted suit

The movement towards femininity continues and bulky men’s jackets have a waist.


You can neutralize the brightness of orange with beige, the colors are perfectly combined and both are relevant.


Color in bright pink shapes and textures that are not typical of real life. Imagine that you are looking for clothes in an adult store for your brand new Barbie doll and everything will work out.

Many pastels in one

Combine several pastel colors in one set – a coloristic trend.


The python print cannot be called a new trend, the python, following the leopard, is already conquering the mass markets, but there is no feeling that the snake theme is closed in the fashion world and experiments continue.

Rose print

The trend is not small roses, but large bursty peony roses.


Ruches are mainly used to decorate blouses and dresses.

Sheepskin coats

I wang that soon the sheepskin coat, along with the volume, will acquire length, but so far the models are shortened and large.


I will prepare a separate article on the topic of current military forms.

Sweaters with a cutout

Cut-out sweaters are another example of poise in fashion. If for the last few seasons everyone wore sweaters with a throat , then today low-cut models come to the fore.

Leather suits

The trend is spectacular, but dubious.


Tweed, as a trend in the fashion world, has not yet fully revealed itself, partly due to stereotypes that this material ages, and because tweed suits are expensive. The fight for the wallet and the heart continues.

Colored vinyl

Vinyl already shone a couple of seasons ago, but it is difficult to beat the material, so the mass market does not dare to produce vinyl clothes.

Belt pockets

Pockets are an easy trend, they are everywhere and I suspect that they can very soon cause rejection, because many designers have played with pockets in their collections as an element of the decor of raincoats, dresses, trousers and skirts.


Zebra does not play the main violin among animalistic prints, but she tries to act as a timid alternative.


The lady of the sea or the mermaid is an association with a lady in a modern dress with large sequins.

Bag under the arm

Bulky clutches and bags are suggested to be worn under the arm. The trend is not practical, but it is difficult to offer something original, cross-bodysuits have just gone out of fashion, backpacks are fed up.