Exploring How to Securely Attach an Action Camera to Your Head


Action cameras have revolutionized how we capture and relive our adventures, allowing us to immerse ourselves in thrilling experiences. Attaching an action camera to your head provides a unique and immersive perspective, perfect for capturing your point of view during sports, hiking, or biking activities. This article will explore various methods and accessories to securely attach an action camera to your head, ensuring stability and optimal footage capture.

Head Strap Mount

An action camera head mount is one of the most popular and straightforward methods to attach an action camera to your head. This adjustable strap wraps around your head and typically features a quick-release buckle system to secure the camera. The head strap mount is compatible with most action cameras and provides a stable attachment, allowing you to capture the action from your point of view.

Place the head strap mount on your head to attach the camera, ensuring it fits comfortably. Adjust the straps to achieve a secure fit, but be mindful not to overtighten, as it may cause discomfort. Once the head strap mount is properly positioned, attach the camera to the mount and adjust its angle to capture the desired field of view.

Helmet Mount

If you engage in activities that require protective headgear, such as biking or skateboarding, a helmet mount is an excellent option for attaching your action camera securely. Helmet mounts typically come with adhesive pads or straps that allow you to affix the camera to your helmet.

To attach the camera using a helmet mount:

  1. Clean the surface of your helmet where you plan to place the mount to ensure proper adhesion.
  2. Peel off the backing of the adhesive pad and firmly press the mount onto the desired location.
  3. Ensure the mount is securely attached before affixing the camera to it.
  4. Adjust the camera angle to align with your line of sight for optimal footage capture.

Hat Clip Mount

For a more versatile and discreet option, a hat clip mount provides an excellent alternative. This mount attaches directly to the brim of a cap or hat, allowing you to position the camera without requiring additional headgear or straps. The hat clip mount is lightweight, easy to use, and offers a unique perspective that mimics your line of sight.

To attach the camera using a hat clip mount, simply slide the clip onto the brim of your cap or hat, ensuring it is securely fastened. Then, attach the camera to the clip and adjust the angle as needed to capture your desired field of view. This method is particularly useful when you want a more casual, hands-free approach to capturing your adventures.

Goggle Mount

If you partake in activities that involve goggles, such as skiing or snowboarding, a goggle mount is an excellent option to attach your action camera. This mount typically attaches to the strap of your goggles, providing a stable and secure attachment point.

To attach the camera using a goggle mount, secure the mount onto the strap of your goggles, ensuring it is properly fastened. Attach the camera to the mount and adjust its angle to align with your line of sight. The goggle mount offers a unique perspective, capturing your thrilling adventures while keeping your hands free.

Considerations and Safety Tips

When attaching an action camera to your head, there are a few considerations and safety tips to keep in mind:

  • Prioritize comfort: Ensure that your attachment method is comfortable and does not impede your movements or cause discomfort during your activities.
  • Secure attachments: Double-check the security of the mount or strap to avoid the risk of the camera detaching during action-packed moments.
  • Be aware of the camera’s weight: Action cameras vary in weight, so it’s important to consider the camera’s weight and its impact on your comfort and balance during activities.
  • Check local regulations: Before using an action camera on your head in certain activities or locations, ensure you comply with any local regulations or guidelines.


Attaching an action camera to your head opens up a world of possibilities for capturing immersive footage of your adventures. Whether you opt for a head strap mount, helmet mount, hat clip mount, or goggle mount, choosing a method that provides stability, comfort, and optimal footage capture is important. Consider the activity you’ll be engaging in, the type of headgear you’ll be using, and your personal preferences to select the best attachment method for your needs. With the camera securely attached to your head, you can focus on the thrill of your adventures while capturing stunning footage from your unique perspective.