Excellent resolution for QuickBooks Black and White Screen Issue

QuickBooks Black and White Screen
QuickBooks Black and White Screen

QuickBooks has a multitude of features to present, which ensures to aid users with Every side of finance and accounting. Because of the never-ending features that it has to offer, it has a vast technical foundation and it is common to have certain glitches in that technical system occasionally. The result of such glitches can be that QuickBooks Black and White
Screen issue. Since this is a generic issue there can be many justifications behind it. We need to thoroughly understand the reasons and then accordingly look for suitable solutions. We’ve followed the same troubleshooting pattern in the subsequent blog wherein we have elaborated on the causes responsible for the error followed by the troubleshooting steps.

Eradication of such complex errors is not always easy and therefore we suggest you contact the certified QuickBooks team of IT professionals available at 1-855-856-0042 and get all your errors resolved quickly & effectively.

Causes for the QuickBooks Black and White Screen

When it comes to the analysis of the factors that can be held accountable for the presence of a certain error, users often overlook the importance of doing so. We’ve mentioned some substantial causes in the following points:

  1. The technical glitch that is causing the error may be possibly due to the employment of lower-end PCs.
  2. Likewise, it can also be because the users may not have updated their Microsoft Windows and the QB App.
  3. Further, misconfiguration of the system might have resulted in incompatibility between the workstations and the QB Application.
  4. Essential files that are obligatory for QuickBooks may be missing or may have some technical issues within them.
  5. Partial or corrupted installation of the QuickBooks is also considered to be one of the most cardinal reasons responsible for the error.

Based on the above-listed factors, we have curated a well-directed and detailed resolution that will focus on these aspects primarily.

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Resolutions for the QuickBooks Black and White Screen

There can be distinct complex resolutions available but we have short-listed and mentioned one of the most robust and result-driven resolutions that will assuredly aid you in terminating the error seamlessly and quickly. The only factor Is to follow all the steps precisely.

Solution: Alter the display configurations

  1. As mentioned above, the error can occur due to recently made changes in the system associated with the display or screen.
  2. Therefore, we’ll fix that for which you need to open the ‘Registry Editor.’
  3. Search for the “HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Windows.”
  4. Now you can see a GDIProcessHandleQuota value, which you need to increase from ‘10000’ to ‘65535.’
    Lastly, save the changes and close all the applications followed by rebooting the system.
  5. If you can access the QuickBooks properly, then reset the value to ‘10000’ again.

QuickBooks Black and White Screen Issue will no longer be seen after the correct implementation of the resolutions above. If it does, then you must immediately contact the QuickBooks troubleshooting specialists at 1-855-856-0042.

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