Enhanced MyTransport.SG App Will Now Allow EV Drivers to Locate Charging Points


Singapore has one of the most extensive, comprehensive, and integrated transportation systems in the world. With a population of 5.7 million people, Singapore’s land transport system helps commuters get to almost anywhere on the island quickly and easily.MyTransport.SG app, a service developed by the Land Transport Authority of Singapore (LTA), plays an important role in the country’s urban mobility. First launched in 2011, the app offers useful information and features to help commuters easily navigate around the island’s extensive transport facilities.

Recently, LTA launched a new beta version of the MyTransport. SG mobile application (MTM app). The enhanced version of the app provides real-time information to help people plan their journeys better. The enhanced app has been launched to fulfill the country’s vision to harness digital technology to improve the quality of life. So let’s check out what are the new features in the MyTransport.SG app that will make commuting even easier and comfortable.

1. The most important personalisation feature introduced in the app is – “Near You” – to improve commuters’ navigation experience. Commuters can easily plan their daily journeys by getting real-time transport alerts based on their “Near You” preferences.

2. A new multimodal journey planner has been added that will inform commuters of nearby bus services and MRT stations. Motorists will get information on nearby traffic cameras and real-time parking availability near their destinations.

3. Electric Vehicle (EV) drivers will be able to use the MyTransport.SG mobile application to locate charging points island wide. They can also see the prices and power ratings at these charging points.

4. The app will provide information on more than 800 public charging points at more than 200 locations across the island.

5. The new app also features an improved user interface and user experience design. There are quick buttons, allowing user customisation. MyTransport.SG also features a one-click option to top-up EZ-Link cards directly in the app.

6. The Journey Tracker in the app helps people track the progress of their journey, and receive directions and feedback based on their live location.

Transport Minister, S Iswaran, said: “We will continue to improve this module with new features such as real-time charging point availability, and welcome other industry partners to join us in this effort to grow the accessibility of our charging network.

Simultaneously, SMRT Corporation, a leading multi-modal transport operator, offers SMRTConnect, an application designed to offer transport-related information on SMRT’s trains and buses as well as travel suggestions. It released an upgraded version of SMRTConnect 3.0 that improves travel information speed, accuracy, and accessibility.

Commenting on the same, Mr. Seah Moon Ming, SMRT Chairman, said: “Your journey matters. Commuters are now given near real-time travel information. We are leveraging technology to empower commuters to make timely travel decisions, particularly during train delays. SMRTConnect 3.0 provides accurate train and bus arrival timings to commuters anytime, anywhere. Commuters can expect more enhancements to SMRTConnect within the year.


LTA and transport operators like SMRT are working together to deliver safe, reliable, efficient, and comfortable transport services to Singaporeans. Mobile applications like MyTransport.SG and SMRT Connect provide quick and easy access to vital information such as station and train information, ticket information, trail arrivals, the proximity of nearby landmarks, and travel suggestions, making it comfortable for people to plan their journeys and use public transport in their daily lives.

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Sally Tang

Sally is working as a manager at a leading bank in Singapore. She travels to her work and back home using public transportation. Sally loves the convenience, affordability, and safety of Singapore’s public transit. That’s why she often shares her views on how to make the most out of your journeys using MRT and public buses.