Enhance the look of those Shapely and Toned Thighs

Brazilian Wax Portland
Brazilian Wax Portland

Getting a bikini or Brazilian wax in Portland can be a strange experience, especially if you’ve never had it done before. However, you can have a successful and comfortable waxing experience in the city with the right tips and preparation.

Where should I start?

Firstly, finding a reputable and professional salon specializing in bikini and Brazilian waxing is essential. Look for reviews online or ask friends for recommendations for a salon that uses high-quality wax and follows proper hygiene protocols. Once you’ve found a salon you’re comfortable with, book your appointment a few weeks in advance, as salons can get busy, especially during the summer months. Many people intending on wearing shorts outdoors will be in the queue to avoid embarrassment with slightly hairy thighs.

Prep for the appointment

Before your appointment, ensure your hair is long enough to be waxed, ideally around a quarter of an inch. Avoid shaving or trimming the hair, as this can make the waxing process more painful and less effective. Exfoliating the area a day or two before your appointment is essential to remove any dead skin cells and prevent ingrown hairs.

On the day of your appointment, wear comfortable and loose-fitting clothing to avoid irritation to the area. Taking a painkiller an hour before your appointment is also a good idea to help minimize any discomfort during the waxing process. Be cautious and consult a professional if you have unpredictable side effects with painkillers.

During the waxing process, communication with your esthetician is crucial. Let them know if you’re experiencing discomfort or pain, and they can adjust their technique accordingly. Remember to breathe deeply and relax your muscles as much as possible, as tension can make the process more painful.

Minor precautions after the waxing

After your wax, following proper aftercare to prevent irritation and infection is vital. Avoid hot baths, saunas, or swimming pools for at least 24 hours, as this can irritate the area. Apply a soothing cream or aloe vera gel to the area to help reduce redness and inflammation. Additionally, avoid tight-fitting clothing or underwear that may rub against that area.


In conclusion, getting a bikini or Brazilian wax in Portland doesn’t have to be a daunting experience. By following these tips and preparing correctly, you can have a comfortable and successful waxing experience. Remember to find a reputable salon, prepare the area beforehand, communicate with your esthetician, and follow proper aftercare to keep your skin smooth and healthy.