Energy-Efficient Air Conditioning: Tips for Saving Money on Your Bills


Summers are fine as long as you don’t have to deal with the heat waves that have been becoming more and more frequent in recent years. It can be pretty unbearable and tempt one to stay indoors all day long enjoying the pleasant atmosphere thanks to the miracle called air conditioner.


Although air conditioner comfort comes at a very high price. The average annual cost of electricity in Australia is around $1500 which is further going to increase over time, given the increasing usage of commercial air conditioning in Sydney

This article is going to help you with a few tips to save on your electricity consumption and save money.

Save Energy With Smart Temperature Control

Smart devices aren’t just recognized for their advanced features, which provide comfort and ease as well as the energy savings they generate. Intelligent HVAC systems provide energy savings through automation which reduces wastage while maintaining a comfortable temperature.

Making the investment on intelligent AC control systems can help in saving up to 25% on your monthly energy bills. 

In addition, they have many options to improve your comfort including the ability to schedule, control based on location, comfy mode and monitoring of the status of your air filter and many more.

Get your AC Smart

Smart AC controllers permit users to set triggers that are intelligent. If the temperature rises above certain levels that are set, the AC is triggered and consequently, it reduces its speed. 

This is a great way to conserve energy! If you take an outing and you forget to shut off your AC then there’s no reason to be concerned! The geofencing feature shuts off the AC after you leave your home. 

Installing a smart air conditioner controller will ensure an even temperature throughout the day while reducing your monthly costs. 

Make sure you check your windows and keep from the heat

It is recommended to inspect and replace your windows prior to the beginning of each season. 25-30% of the heat in your home is transferred through windows!

Making the switch to commercial air conditioning that is energy efficient is a viable alternative to reduce heat but if you’re not looking to remodel in the near future, make sure to keep your windows in great state!

If your HVAC is not in good condition there is a good chance that you’ll not be able to save money on cooling expenses.

It’s helpful by observing any indications that indicate air leaks. The act of sealing leaks and weatherstripping your windows will stop the cool air that is conditioned from venting out and the hot air from outside from entering your home. 

This helps reduce the load on the air conditioner and will save you cash on AC expenses. 

There will be a noticeable change in the temperature as well, after you have the leaks repaired and heat transfer is reduced.

You can put shades or thick curtains around your windows to prevent direct sunlight from getting in. This will stop your home from getting hotter, and make it more efficient in AC costs. 

This is a simple solution in keeping heat out and saving money.

Protect Your Windows With Window Films

If you’re not a fan of bulky curtains, a cheaper and easy way to cover your windows are window films. These films are perfect for areas that have warmer temperatures or those where summer is a nightmare.

Window films come in two types : tinted films are able to alter the hue of sunlight entering the room. However reflective films have reflective finishes and are employed to reduce glare and heat. Reflective films are more efficient than tinted films.

Tinted windows and heavy curtains are beneficial for keeping the temperature comfortable at home. 

Your air conditioner will work to keep your space cool. The bright sunlight could increase pressure, causing your commercial air conditioning system in Sydney to continuously work to maintain a comfortable temperature. The reduction of sunlight can help reduce the added load and help you keep your temperature at a comfortable level and save costs on cooling.

Block Out the Heat With Solar Screens

Typically, mesh screens are placed on windows outside to block out insects. But they also provide shade! 

They stop up to 70 percent of the heat therefore reducing the heat transfer.

It is easy to purchase the screen from the home improvement stores. The type of solar screens differs so, make sure you examine the density of the screen.

When selecting a screen, make sure you select the one that will not interfere with sunlight.

If you block out too much light, it can result in an increase in consumption of electricity, especially during winter.

Choose Your Lighting Wisely

Lighting is a major factor when deciding the best way to save money on cooling. Do you have incandescent and halogen lights within your house? 

If so, you should replace these for LED lights. Incandescent and halogen produce higher temperatures than LEDs, which results in a higher temperature at home.

Incandescent bulbs emit 90 percent of their power in heat. They don’t just emit heat but also use more power than LED lamps. LED bulbs save energy while emitting less heat. 

Make sure you change your lights this summer and lower your electric bill. 

Increase Circulation With Ceiling Fans

On certain days, your home is extremely suffocating, and you feel the need to increase the temperature of your air conditioner. Switch the fan on the day you’re experiencing this and try to limit your use of your air conditioner. 

Although a very cool temperature setting can consume the cost of your electricity, combining your air conditioner with ceiling fans can reduce the amount. It is a crucial consideration in deciding how to cut costs on air conditioning.

Consider using intelligent fans to control the temperature of your room. They can also function with your air cooling system. 

Through keeping the commercial air conditioning in Sydney at a minimum speed and reducing energy consumption they can intelligently detect the conditions in your room and keep the temperature at a comfortable level.

They cost less than air conditioners, and they use less power, which can cut down your expenses in the summer. It’s always a good option to have ceiling fans installed as backup. 

You should make the most from your ceiling fans by installing them in areas that will assist in circulating cool air throughout your home.

Allow For Ventilation

A house that is energy efficient is usually closed off and has virtually no space to ventilate. The house must be maintained in a controlled way to ensure that the temperature is maintained and ensure fresh air is coming into. 

Additionally, an efficient ventilation system can help you get rid of heat and moisture as well as other contaminants.

Allow the wind to naturally ventilate your home through the entrance and exiting through windows. Ceiling fans are useful to aid in the process of air circulation. 

Make Sure the AC Is Installed at the Correct Location

When building an air conditioning system the location of the unit is a crucial consideration. Make sure that the AC condenser is in shade and has sufficient space to remove heat. 

If your AC is situated in a location that is directly in exposure to the sun’s rays, it’s advised to relocate it whenever you can or place it in an umbrella to cut down on AC costs during the summer.

Selecting the best location for your air conditioner can boost its effectiveness. 

Keep the AC Temperature Low

At night it is generally cooler than in the daytime. Make sure to keep the temperature of your AC at a lower level at night to cut down on the cost of your cooling costs in summer. 

It is also possible to use an intelligent AC controller , or thermostat that can be programmed to establish a temperature range for the evening. This will allow you to keep the temperature within a predetermined interval for a comfortable sleep.

The most efficient way to reduce the cost of air conditioning is to operate your AC at a moderate level. Certain ACs have energy-saving options like Eco or auto run on. These options can be extremely useful to keep a low comfortable, constant temperature.

Stay up to Date With AC Maintenance


The most crucial tasks to take care of when summer arrives is to plan periodic maintenance of your air conditioning. With regular tune-ups, the lifespan of air conditioners will greatly increase.

Additionally, maintaining it regularly is vital to ensure that it is operating at optimum condition. In the event that your HVAC is experiencing problems from any cause it will have to be more efficient and consume more power! 

Be on the lookout for signs that signal the need of AC maintenance. 

Replace Old Air Conditioning Systems

Air conditioners are typically used for between 15 and 20 years. After this time it is possible that the old ones will only contribute to the cost of your energy. 

In addition to energy costs, maintenance costs will add up to more money and can add up to an amount that is costly for your wallet.

Commercial air conditioning systems in Sydney can be bulky in your pocket but with these helpful and easy to implement tips for cutting down on the cost of AC, we hope that your costs remain within your budget! It can be very difficult to cut down on AC costs during summer however these suggestions will assist you in taking a large portion off your bill without pain!