Embroidery Digitizing – What to Know and How To Hire The Best Company?

Embroidery Digitizing
Male Worker how Set Automatic Embroidery Machine in Textile Factory.

Embroidery digitizing is one of the ways that has been playing an essential role in uplifting our fashion industry. We all see different clothes, jackets, caps, and more with fascinating designs and logos. Moreover, the embroidery design also acts as a good tool for marketing purposes as it helps people to recognize the brands with logos or specific designs on the products the brand sells.

Don’t know much about it? In the following blog, we are going to tell you about it to enhance your knowledge and things you should keep in your mind when hiring a company for the service:

Embroidery Digitizing – Basic Understanding

It is a process in which you can easily convert the artwork into a digital file with the help of software. The software will allow the embroidery machine to get a better understanding of the needle’s path. You must note that this process is not automatic. Instead, it can be referred to as an art-form that needs to be done properly with lots of dedication and proper expertise. Remember that, many of the embroidery machines come with their own software so it will enable you to control the function while the instructions are being read from the digitized file.

Some of the popular embroidery file types that you should know are the .dst, .jef, .exp, .dsb, .tap, and many more.

Basic Steps In The Process

Now, let us take a look at the steps that an embroidery digitizing service takes to provide custom digitizing.

1- Uploading of the logo to the digitizing software.

2- Size adjustment of the embroidery design.

3- Picking up the type of stitch.

4- Setting up the direction of the stitch.

5- Selection of the thread colors for the embroidery.

6- Transfer files to the embroidery machine.

In the process, a better understanding of the design is very much essential. The placement and the complexity of the design will be notable factors in the digitizing process. Note that competent digitizers will be keeping the fabric vs thread relation in mind while working.

Don’t forget that, it is essential to select the embroidery stitch types for the specific areas when you keep factors like the type of fabric along with the push and pull of the garment. During the process, various directions and variables will be disturbing the outcome of stitching so every job has to be done differently with proper care.

Different Types of Stitches

Various types of stitching are used to achieve different textures, looks, and much more. Every stitch comes with a certain stitch length that has to be kept in mind along with the fabric consideration and the push & pull of the garment when you are going to pick the stitch type. The three most common stitches are:


It is also known as the foundational stitch where straight lines are repeated for creating the pattern. Mostly used for outlining, detail work, and shading.


Satin stitch is best for text embroidery. It provides a shiny look that is ideal for lettering. It is widely used for borders, words, and text.


It is also called tatami or ceding stitch. The max length of this fill stitch is 4mm. Mostly used for filling the blank space, large designs, developing the textured look, and durable applications.

What Factors To Look for When Hiring A Company For Embroidery Digitizing?

Now, we will be looking at the important factors that you should keep in mind when about to get the service:


The company you are going to hire should have good years of experience. You should check their previous work to get a better idea and make decisions accordingly. Moreover, do visit their social media pages or website to check the feedback from their previous customers.

Turnaround Time

You must be fully aware of the delivery time for your work. Some companies are offering same-day delivery, delivery within a few hours or it may take one or two days depending on design complexity.


Be clear about the pricing structure as companies are charging according to per stitches or a flat rate. Compare the prices of two or three companies to choose one that is near to your budget.

Customer Support

It is better to choose a company that has a dedicated staff for customer support service. This helps you get updates about your work, information about the delivery, order placement and answers to your technical questions.


Hopefully, now you will have good knowledge about embroidery digitizing and the important things relevant to it. Moreover, now you know what factors you have to keep in mind when going to hire a company for the desired service. Connect with a professional company to start your work!