ELF Bar 5000 Vs. Beco Puff Bar: A Comprehensive Comparison


One of the first disposable vaporizers to become well known is the Beco Bar, while the Elf Bar is likely the most popular product on the disposable market right now. While all disposable vapes do have some characteristics in common, there are a few significant differences to keep in mind when deciding which disposable vape is best for you.

You will be taken through each key aspect of the Elf Bar 5000 and the Beco Bar, including their features, designs, performances, and—of course—flavors, in this evaluation of two disposable vaporizers. This will enable you to see both devices objectively and decide which will benefit your attempt to stop smoking the most.

Comparing the features of Elf Bar vs. Beco Bar

Both of these gadgets share a lot of the essential characteristics of disposable vapes, all of which revolve around a commitment to convenience and use. Both the bars are offered for sale in a ready-to-use state, with their liquid reservoirs already filled and batteries charged.

While the nicotine strength in both of these disposable vapes is the same, the Elf Bar 5000 has a larger e-liquid capacity and a longer battery life, giving it roughly twice as many puffs as the Beco Bar.


A reduced puff count provides advantages, even if it might appear that there is a clear winner on this front at first. Before choosing a flavor that suits them, customers purchasing a vape may wish to try a few different ones. A lower puff count indicates a shorter commitment; hence, there is less chance that you will choose a flavor, not care for it, and end up wasting a lot of puffs.


When looking for the ideal vape, the internals of the disposable is a significant factor to take into account, but it can also be crucial to locate a device that feels comfortable in your hand.


The Elf Bar, Beco Puff Bar, Cali Bar Disposable Vapes have noticeably distinct looks. There is an argument that these two products are the two extremes of disposable vaporizer design, with each of them having established the benchmark for its particular aesthetic.


Both disposables share the same color scheme; the color of the outer sleeve on each one corresponds to the flavor of the respective gadget. Both companies chose a matte, pastel finish for their products, which gives them a dynamic yet modest appearance. Naturally, the best-looking design in the world will only get you so far.


Even if you adore a product’s appearance, it won’t matter if you don’t enjoy its flavor. So let’s look at some of the flavors that are available.

Comparing the flavors

There are many different flavors to choose from. In either case, a wide variety of fruity favorites are available, including time-tested favorites like revitalizing Watermelon, decadent Strawberry, and thrilling Blue Razz.


Although there is some resemblance between the two, each brand does have a few unique flavors that the other does not. For those who can’t resist an energy drink flavor, Elf Bar will be a sure bet because of their emphasis on soft drinks. In contrast, Beco Bar offers two classic flavors—menthol tobacco and spearmint—that you won’t find in its rival.

Efficiency Evaluation

Beco Bar and Elf Bar do share a lot of features that are typical for disposable vapes, as we indicated at the beginning of our review.


Both devices offer buttonless, inhale-activated controls in addition to being portable and convenient. They do, however, have a noticeable difference in puff count because of their different battery capacities and e-liquid storage capacities.


The Beco Bar only provides roughly 300 puffs compared to the 5000 that an Elf Bar will provide. This isn’t meant as a dig against the Beco Bar in any way; its lower price makes its slower capacity acceptable, and in actuality, it just means that it can appeal to a different kind of vape user.


Elf Bar also provides a bolder throat punch and a more powerful flavor in addition to taking puff count into account. Therefore, Elf Bar might be a better option for consumers who desire a slightly stronger-feeling vape, while Beco Bar might be preferred for customers who prefer a gentler vape sensation.


Overall, both devices offer the same nicotine impact in a comparable way, but it’s important to consider the different flavor intensities when selecting which vape could be best for you. It’s time to summarize our results after going over the features, designs, flavors, and performances of each gadget.