Why are eBooks the new hype?


Ebooks mean electronic books. In this blog post, we will discuss the features of an eBook. We will talk about why ebooks are very popular now and whether ebooks are better than printed books.

We’ll discuss ten points by comparing printed books with ebooks.

1. Price of Ebooks

If you search for eBooks on Amazon, you’d see how low their prices are compared to printed books. For example, the book ‘Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill’ costs $0 for Kindle, and the paperback price is $17.58. New ebook authors might charge high rates for their books.

2. Ebooks take no space

Ebooks don’t require physical space. You put physical books in the cupboard, in bookshelves, and in drawers. Ebooks need nothing except a mobile phone or tablet that you can easily hold in your hand and carry in pockets. You can carry one eBook or a hundred or even more in your pocket in just a device. And you know what? They won’t even take GBS from your device storage. While reading, you can even adjust the font size too big or small in ebooks.

3. Ebooks don’t need paper

You don’t need to cut down trees to produce eBooks. Ebooks are environment friendly in this case. However, the question of e-waste might arise.

4. We can take Ebooks Anywhere

Ebooks are more convenient since you can carry them on your mobile phone and take them anywhere. You can read it at the bus stop, at restaurants, in the office.

Don’t miss your bus when reading at the bus stop!

5. Ebooks are available in different languages

Ebooks also come in multiple languages, which is an advantage that you can read many versions of a similar book and carry them with you on a device. Moreover, if you read something in an eBook and later want to access it but don’t remember it, you can search its related words to find that part. Whereas in printed books, you need to place a thread or something as an indicator to help you remember it and bookmark it.

6. Publishing an Ebook is easy

Publishing eBooks are convenient and easy as compared to printed books. Amazon Kindle is a very famous and suitable platform for publishing eBooks. You can save the publishing cost as it’s free on Amazon Kindle. You can also reach out to book writing companies. They will assign a good professional book writer who will edit your ebook and publish it.

7. Ebooks don’t need lights in surroundings

If you are somewhere where there is no light, or you are sitting outdoors at night, you can still read an eBook while you can’t read the printed book. However, it’s not healthy to stare at screens for too long in the dark.

8. You can also listen to Ebooks

Ebooks have a read-aloud function that you can use to listen to the book. This way, it can be your audiobook too.

9. Ebook as a Gift

Some working people do not get to read the book they wanted to read for a long time. Ebooks can be a good gift for them. Since they can carry amazon Kindle in their pocket or read the pdf on their mobile phones, which is convenient for them. However, they should be careful to read ebooks if they work on computers in the office since glaring at the screen too much is bad.

10. Earning through your Ebook

Ebooks are a low investment earning option compared to physical books, which require hassle to get them published. However, traditionally published books are considered more valuable. Many bloggers have their eBooks, which they sell and earn income.

Drawbacks of Ebooks

This point might make you giggle. People love to hold newly purchased books in their hands, open them, and smell their freshly printed pages before reading.

1. Ebooks are dependent

Ebooks depend on external factors, such as Kindle books from Amazon (a gadget to view eBooks), mobile phones, and computers. An Ebook would be useless if it has run out of battery. However, physical books are independent of such external factors.

 2. Reading outdoors

Ebooks are challenging to read outdoors in sunlight, just as you find it a little hard to see the content on your cell phone screen.

3. Piracy

People purchase an eBook and then upload it publicly so other people can access it instead of buying the book. Piracy is not limited to eBooks. It also happens with printed books.

4. Are eBooks environment friendly?

Ebooks cause no tree cutting, so it’s ecofriendly. However, if we look at it from a different perspective, we can also conclude that e-waste management is another issue we can face since we would need to dispose of the dead ebooks/devices.

5. How long would you be able to read eBooks?

 We already spend enough glaring at screens. When you come home from your job and feel like reading the book you last left, would you again pick up a paper copy or an eBook? If your job requires working on a computer, you will choose a printed copy because you don’t want to stare at the screen again.

Final Word

According to statistics, people read printed books more than eBooks. There shouldn’t be any competition between both that dilutes the value of either books or eBooks. Instead, look at both of you from an analysis perspective and see what both can offer you. Just because a company sells ebooks, it should not say that eBooks are better. Neither publishers should say eBooks are not worth it. For instance, office people might find eBooks more convenient, or the people who find it challenging to carry a printed book with them. They have mobile phones, so it’s easy for them to read eBooks.