Dynamics 365 Business Central for ECommerce Improves Customer Services and Satisfaction Level


Ecommerce businesses are likely to face more competition than any other sector as it holds a potential and weightage of serving a wide range of customers, who demands are constantly evolving and increasing. In such a case, leveraging the core capabilities of Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Ecommerce can be intelligent in terms of extensive business growth, scalability, and an impressed clientele.聽

Dynamics 365 Business Central Ecommerce Features

Active Customer Engagement

As a retail business administrator, you can give your clients the choice to buy at whatever point, any place on any gadget. You can offer them reliable commitment across both on the web and offline channels.

360-degree Customer View聽

Ecommerce for Dynamics 365 Business Central allows you to exceed customer expectations and build loyalty. You can have an extensive perspective on the entirety of your clients on a brought together stage, address their necessities, and hold client connections over the long haul.

Unified Commerce

An integrated commerce platform enables you to develop your business and scales to your requirements across both customary e-commerce business and advancing shopping channels.

AI-driven Intelligence聽

Business Central Ecommerce comes with inventive AI capabilities that help retail companies improve customer experience, drive better ROI, and optimize their business practices.聽

Modernized Retail Store

You can observer smoothed out tasks, make customized and predictable retail trade encounters, alongside coordinated administrative center activities.

Dynamics 365 Business Central ECommerce offers the resilience and agility to drive accomplishment for retailers pushing ahead. Additionally, with persistently changing and testing client interest, Microsoft is dedicated to empowering these organizations with required technology enhancements.

Moreover, connecting with certified Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central Services Providers can help you comprehend additional capabilities to scale your retail business.聽

It includes:聽

  • Microsoft Cloud for Retail聽
  • Updates to Dynamics 365
  • Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales聽
  • Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Service

These capabilities help retailers better engage both B2B and B2C customers and deliver user-friendly purchasing options. Close integrations of Microsoft Dynamics 365 applications enable retailers to curate self-service purchasing options for business accounts.聽

Reduced Costly Errors聽

By integrating your ecommerce webshop and Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central you will streamline your business process. This implies that you will have not any more expensive mistakes by decreasing manual order entries. Eventually, this leads to an increase in Return of Investments.

Integrated Source of Truth

All your business processes can be managed on one platform. In this case, you can optimize your profit and revenue efficiently. You can connect with NavisionIndia for Business Central Integration, extend its exisiting capabilities, and improve the efficiency of your business.

Reduced Customer Complaints

Customer complaints adversely affect your business, which leads to a decrease in revenue. By streamlining your business operations for ecommerce, you will possess more energy for your clients or agencies. This prompts a general better consumer loyalty and experience that will further develop your client process.

Supereasy E-Commerce for your Customers聽

To encourage business connections that will endure, offer a web store that is ideal for your business, yet additionally hyper-advantageous, productive, and supportive for your clients.


Dynamics 365 Business Central Ecommerce is a foolproof, dependable e-commerce platform. Ecommerce businesses can make the most of this application to maintain customers鈥 trust with a promise to always guarantee an accurate web store that automates processes and reduces order errors.

Constant Evolution

Business Central Ecommerce comes with an inventive tool for improved agility and growth. You can connect with an acclaimed Business Central Solution Provider鈥擭avisionIndia who offers fast, hassle-free e-commerce deployment and renders extensive support to your organization as it expands and grows 鈥攚ithout compromising existing processes.

You can connect with Business Central Consultants at NavisionIndia, who holds rich experience and expertise over the subject to help you drive maximum business productivity and profitability.聽

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