Don’t Charge a Disposable Vape for Many Times


How Many Times a Rechargeable Disposable Vape Can be Charged?

You can charge the disposable vapes but not more than three times. These devices are mainly designed for vapers who do not like dealing with the technicalities of vape devices. When it comes to vaping, you have to consider certain factors, such as choosing the right e-liquid flavour, filling your vape tank, picking the appropriate nicotine strength, using the correct coils and batteries, chargers, etc a lot of other things.

An avid vaper can easily deal with the complexities of vape devices, but a novice vaper may find the vaping tactics a little overwhelming. Therefore, many novice vapers prefer simple disposable vape devices because they are easy to use and do not require much maintenance.

However, Puff bars, Solo + vape devices are only made for temporary use and can be discarded once their battery is depleted, OR the e-liquid vanishes out. Though the devices are made for temporary enjoyment, if you want to keep them going for a long time, follow the guide. The guide will teach you “how to charge your disposal vape devices and what precautions you must consider when charging them.

Steps to Recharge a Disposable Vape Device:

As mentioned before, disposable vapes are made for vapers who do not want to get into the hassle of vaping intricacies, i.e., mixing e-liquids, changing coils, battery charging, etc. Generally, These devices come pre-charged, and they do need to be charged, but if you want to charge them and want to use them for an extended period, here follow the steps:

  • Take a flathead screwdriver, tweezers pair, and Bluetooth speaker. Unscrew the speaker carefully and take out the circuit board. When you remove the battery from the circuit, you will notice two hanging wires. (As an alternative, you can also use an old USB cable and convert it into a charger).
  1. When you closely check the bottom of your disposable vape, you will see the gape at the end of the base. Ease the cover out of the device with the help of a flathead. There you will see the battery and tank closely and neatly packed into the case.
  1. Now take it out gently. Make sure you don’t tug it out all the way. Just take out the parts of sensors and wires. You need to be careful when dealing with the wires so that when you assemble your vape, you can easily deal with the wires and fit them accurately.
  1. Erase the tape from the wires and connect them with the terminals of the speaker circuit. First and foremost, connect the coloured wires and then the other ones.
  1. Now attach the tape to the wires to hold the wire correctly. Give it 5 to 7 minutes and then take a hit and if you don’t get the clouds or flavour you want, charge it for like extra 10 minutes.

Don’t Charge a Disposable Vape for Many Times:

Usually, people prefer disposable vapes because of their portability, compatibility and convenience. Vapers who are busy-bee and always travelling may want to opt for these devices. Since the Elf bar lost mary does not need charging and is easy to handle, many vapers prefer them over other advanced vape kits.

Disposable vapes are made for temporary use, and you should discard them after the battery is finished or the e-liquid runs out of the atomiser. These devices are only designed for up to a few puffs, and as soon as you reach the puff limit, they cease to function.

Summing Up:

Instead of disassembling and charging the device, you can purchase a new one from the market and use it. It is always better for you not to charge a disposable vape device if you are unfamiliar with its structure and design. And it is best to throw them away as soon as their battery dies out.