Do you need a Corona test to fly to Doha?


There are different rules concerning the corona test when flying to Doha with Qatar Airways UK.

Here’s a brief description of them.

Fill in the (PLF)

First of all, the people travelling to Doha need to fill in a Passenger Location Form (PLF) 6 months before they arrive in the country and submit it to the Doha embassy.

Check which COVID certificate you have.

There are three types of Covid-19 certificates that you can possess;

  1. A vaccination certificate against Covid-19 that proves your complete vaccination against the disease. It is also necessary for the passengers to obtain a booster dose, after which the validity of the vaccination certificate remains indefinite.
  2. A recovery certificate against Covid-19 confirms the recovery of a passenger from Covid-19. This recovery certificate must either be an EU digital Covid-19 certificate of recovery issued by any of the EU Member States or it can also be a recovery certificate issued by a non-EU country that is considered equivalent.
  3. A test certificate refers to a negative Covid-19 PCR test that is administered by the travellers before 72 hours of their arrival in Doha or it can also be a negative RAT test taken by the passengers 24 hours before their arrival in the country.

3. Follow the travel measures:

Travelling from a very high-risk country inside of the EU or Schengen Area.

  • If you possess a vaccination certificate you don’t need to quarantine or get tested at all.
  • If you don’t possess a valid Covid-19 vaccination certificate then;
  1. Get a PCR test done before 72 hours of your arrival; If positive, quarantine as you are not allowed to travel. If negative, quarantine can be ended as soon as the test result comes.
  2. PCR test must be administered again on the 7th day as well regardless of your previous test results.
  3. For a country with very high risk; only PCR tests are valid and not the RAT tests.
  4. For exceptional cases, one might not need to get tested and/or quarantine at all.

Travelling from a very high-risk country outside of the EU or Schengen Area.

  • Passengers from such countries are not allowed to enter the county but for certain cases.
  • Yet, such travellers are required to;
  1. Possess a negative PCR test result not older than 72 hours before your arrival.
  2. An attestation of the exceptional entry case.
  3. One must quarantine for 10 days in the country even if the passenger is fully vaccinated.

However, as per the latest news, passengers travelling with Qatar Business Class arriving in the country are not required to fulfil any of the Covid-19 prerequisites that existed in the past. In simple words, all of the Covid-19 travel restrictions upon arrival/departure from Doha no longer persist.