Discovering The Best Three FUE Hair Transplants


Discovering The Best Three FUE Hair Transplants.

Hair definitely enhances your overall outlook. If you are also suffering from baldness or hair thinning issues, so this reading is going to work for you the best. Are you also confused about the selection of the hair transplant procedure that best suits you? FUE Hair Transplant In Dubai is one of the most beneficial and result-giving procedures for hair transplants. It further has different methodologies that are tailored according to the needs of the patient. Continue reading to let us help you in  Discovering the Best Three FUE Hair Transplant In Dubai, and to provide you with a wider circle of options to select the best suitable procedure for you. 

Reasons For Hair Loss: 

  • Our genes can also be the problem causing factor behind this problem.  
  • Different changes that occur due to hormones, can also play a role as a reason for hair loss. Mostly this reason is common among women because such changes occur during pregnancy, childbirth, menopause, etc.  
  • Then comes certain biological conditions, which can lead to causing follicle loss. Problems like thyroid disease and alopecia areata can be the prominent reasons. 
  • As we know that every health-related problem or disease needs to be treated and for that proper mediation is necessary. There are certain medications that can cure the particular problem but eventually results in causing loss of strands. Such as chemotherapy and antidepressants. 
  • To have a healthy mane, one needs to have a healthy diet. And lack of any of the required nutrients like iron, zinc, and vitamin D can result in thinning or bald patches. 
  • When it comes to pointing out the reasons behind this decrease, stress is what pops up in every individual’s mind. 
  • Coiffures can also be a reason behind this problem. Tight braids, high ponytails, and weaves can lead to this issue if prolonged for a lnoger period of time. 
  • Chemical treatments, like protein treatments in saloons, keratin, and rebonding can cause balding or thinning of hair over time. 

What Is Follicular Unit Extraction? 

It is a popular method of hair transplantation that works very proficiently by extracting individual hair follicles from a donor area of the candidate to transplanting them to the recipient area of the same individual. But the problem in this methodology is not related to questions like where to get it done from, how costly it is etc. but the difficulty lies when choosing from different FUE transplant options that are available. So continue reading to find out how to select the one that suits you the best. 

What Is A Hair Transplant? 

Keeping it simple, we can say that it is a surgical procedure that is performed by an expert and works by moving follicles from one part of the body to another part of the body in which an individual is facing the issue of baldness or thinning. In these procedures, the donor site is mostly the back or sides of the head whereas & Hair Transplant in Dubai , the recipient site is usually the scalp. With the passage of time, the strands that have been installed will begin to grow new roots, and eventually, it results in a more natural look of the head. 

Discovering the Best Three FUE Hair Transplants 

The three most widely used FUE Hair Transplant In Dubai techniques are mentioned below:  

  1. Manual FUE:

As the name of the procedure itself suggests, it involves using a tool with the help of which the strands are taken out from the donor area of the head. And inserted into the targeted region. Even though it can be a time-consuming procedure as it uses a handheld tool, but still it is very popular because of its preciseness and effectiveness.  

  1. Motorized FUE: 

This is an automatic method to grow hair. Instead of using a handheld device, it uses a motorized tool for the extraction of follicles. As it is not completely dependent on manpower, the speed of work is a much faster technique as compared to manual FUE.  

  1. Robotic FUE:

This technique works very well because It uses a robotic arm for the extraction procedure. Comparatively & Hair Restoration , it is the fastest technique among all three mentioned. It is extremely precision oriented but is also an expensive way to reverse hair loss. 


After undergoing this treatment, one of the common outcomes is improved density of roots.  

The natural-looking outcome is also one of the general results of this procedure. Furthermore, the results are permanent. But in the initial time period, you are required to follow some aftercare regimens to lock the changes in place. 

Pre-Treatment Care: 

  • To make sure that you are eligible to undergo this therapy, it is very important for you to have all necessary medical tests for diabetes, because patients feel difficulty in healing procedures, as their wounds take longer than normal to heal.  
  • Do not forget to inform the surgeon if you are allergic to any particular medicine. As a small carelessness can lead to a serious issue in such operations. 
  • Make sure that you are not taking any medicines or any drugs that can serve as blood thinners because these can cause an increase in bleeding. 
  • In order to heal smoothly, following proper hygiene is very important. You should properly wash and dry your hair to remove dirt and oil from your scalp. 
  • Do not forget to arrange transportation before coming for the procedure as some of the medications used in the therapy may cause dizziness. So it may become difficult for you to drive yourself. 

What Is The Prescribed Home Care Afterward? 

  • You should avoid touching the scalp for the first few days.  
  • Any tough practices that involve sweating should be avoided 
  • Make sure that for a few days after the procedure, you sleep with your head elevated. 
  • Do not have direct sun exposure. 
  • Take all the prescribed medicines timely. 
  • Make sure to attend all follow-up sessions. 
  • Your desired outcomes may require some time. Meanwhile, be patient and do not rush for getting immediate results. 

Is It Cost Friendly? hair transplant in dubai , hair replacement in dubai at royal clinic

The cost of this procedure can vary from AED 7000 to AED 16000, completely depending upon the needs and expectations of the patient. But in a general view, we can say that the cost of FUE Hair Transplantation In Dubai is comparatively affordable to other countries.