Discover the Advantages of an Automatic Bollards


Nowadays, businesses are aggressively joining the bandwagon of installing automatic bollards due to the significant benefits they reap.

Such bollards are built with an electro-hydraulic mechanism to facilitate smooth and efficient movement. And the bollards are often used in conjunction with automatic barriers, which are very effective in preventing unauthorised access.

You can regulate the movement of automatic bollards with a control panel.

An automatic rising bollard serves as an effective alternative to gates, especially if there is a need for increased security.

But, there are more benefits of automatic bollards. And, if you are ideating on investing in such a bollard, know the full benefits, such as:


One of the benefits of such bollards is convenience. In addition, an automatic bollard can provide you will substantial security benefits.

The bollards are retractable, allowing you to have them completely out of sight. But, you can quickly raise it within seconds when you need it for security or protection.

With the quick automated retractable feature, you can manage the bollard conveniently. And, there are other aspects too. For example, a bollard can help control access control when you do not want to use a gate.

With an automatic bollard, you can get high-security protection to restrict the entry of vehicles, and at the same time, it can restrict vehicles from parking in your driveway.

Notably, a bollard can be more convenient than a gate, as you do not have to get out of your car. Instead, you need to use the remote to retract the bollard and drive-in. Then, you can raise the automatic bollard again with the push of a button after you park your car.

Another benefit of such bollards is that you can block certain areas of your building premises to road traffic but keep those areas open to pedestrians. Therefore, the bollards provide a convenient, low maintenance solution.

Appealing Aesthetics

The aesthetics of the bollards also plays a key role in enhancing the looks of your building. With the aesthetically appealing bollards, you can increase the value of your building in that way. Again, if you compare a bollard with other security devices, you will find that it can enhance the look more.

Moreover, bollards serve another purpose. They can prevent drivers from parking their cars near your building.

After installing an automatic bollard, you can get the flexibility of using it with a simple flick of the switch.

High Degree of Safety

Automatic bollards provide a high degree of safety to building premises. With such bollards, you can prevent accidents and control access to the restricted areas of your building. This means you can use the bollards to restrict access to a site.

In addition, the bollards can restrict trespassers and fend-off attempts to cross over your property’s boundary in a car.

Usually, such bollards are of great use in places with significant pedestrian and car traffic. This is because you can protect pedestrians from injuries due to wayward vehicles or accidents with the bollards. For example, vehicles entering or exiting parking lots might accidentally cause damage to your property and is what an automatic bollard prevents by restricting vehicles from mounting curbs or sidewalks.

High Return on Investment

An investment in an automatic bollard will entail a high return on your investment. In addition, the bollards can prevent potential damage to your building and all of its infrastructure. As such, you can restrict money outgo.


Therefore, it is sensible to invest in an automatic bollard to reap the benefits we cited above. The investment will bring a high return on your investment apart from protecting your building premises.