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Employees who are subject to DOT regulation and who refuse to submit to a drug/alcohol test or who test positive for drugs/alcohol must go through a return-to-work procedure before they can resume their duties. A DOT-qualified person also referred to as a SAP specialist, will assess the situation as part of the process’ initial stage.

They’ll go through an assessment and evaluation when they consult an addiction specialist. The SAP Evaluation near me must include the addiction specialist because they are highly qualified to diagnose and treat addiction.

SAP Evaluation near me

Their responsibility is to make sure you have the resources you require to successfully resume employment following a failed drug test. As long as they are DOT certified, you can investigate and contact your own SAP specialist if your employer doesn’t give a list of qualified SAP specialists. The reviewer will examine your case during the SAP evaluation, request that you complete one or more assessment instruments, and ask you a number of personal questions to get further information. There is no need to be concerned because these inquiries are harmless and aimed at getting you back to work.

Answering questions truthfully is preferable, just like you would in a counseling session or when speaking with a friend. After your SAP Evaluation near me is over, your assessor will decide on a strategy for your return to duty procedure, which will frequently include a treatment plan. This could involve individual counseling, substance addiction education sessions, or any other degree of care that is catered to your particular situation.

If you need help or therapy, they will point you in the right direction. You will undergo a final examination following the completion of the educational and/or therapeutic recommendations, which often includes a urinalysis to determine your readiness to return to work.