Disc Jockey Background


Well-known Disc jockey ‘DJ Will Gill’ is an American DJ known for his residencies in West Hollywood and Ibiza. He has covered three Super Bowls for Fox NFL Sunday, including Superbowl LIV held in Miami.

What makes his talents and performances stand out is his passion while performing on stage. Guests feel a sense of excitement and positivity throughout the event. All of which makes for a comfy and attractive DJ set. For a complete list of DJ accomplishments, visit weddingdjslosangeles.com.

Los Angeles Events DJ Mixes

There are many disc jockeys in Los Angeles. It is a responsibility to find the perfect one. It would help if you began with the essential part of the reception, the music. Having a professional DJ will ensure that the entire wedding party enjoys the music and that every single guest gets up and dances.

Role of Event Emcee

DJs are also wedding emcees, the fact that most people are unaware. DJ Will Gill provides exceptional service with his turntables, but his charming personality and how he interacts with guests truly set the tone for an epic wedding.

No matter how many guests are at an event, whether a few or a function of hundreds of guests, DJ Will Gill knows the art of communicating with them and keeping them involved.

There are different themes and styles at each event, but the emcee’s role remains the same regardless of the venue to encourage guests to have fun and create the right atmosphere for the event to ensure every guest is enjoying the party. Dj Will Gill has exceptional skills in public speaking and is confident enough in a room of cross-cultural strangers.

The Los Angeles Wedding DJ Pandemic Pivot

DJ Will Gill decided to turn services to online streaming platforms like Zoom, Instagram Live, and Twitch.

In the first half of 2020, DJ Will Gill created ZoomDJs.com. Initially, it was to conduct online party services for existing clients. Understanding the difficult times and financial issues for clients to afford premium services. Soon ZoomDJs.com became a gratuitous service for many families and children in need of a little bit of joy and entertainment in an uncertain time.

DJ Will Gill was ranked number 1 after many non-profit events and online buzz and is still one of the most popular on Google worldwide. Due to his recognition, DJ Will Gill has performed online virtual parties with new clients from Australia to Ireland, and the list goes on.

DJ Will Gill’s Virtuosity

DJ Will Gill is among the most versatile black wedding DJs in Los Angeles. His professionalism and wide range of skills make him a top choice for private parties. His charisma on the mic, together with his emcee skills, makes him an invaluable addition to your event. With more than 20 years of experience in event entertainment, his knowledge of past and present is unsurpassed.

If you visit any official platform, you will encounter 5-star reviews and 100% satisfactory services provided by DJ Will Gill at all events. Clients keep recommending and coming back as they feel more comfortable with him. He can perform for crowds of any size, including weddings, birthday parties, corporate and public events.