Dinstar C60S/C60SP Entry Level IP Phone


The VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) phone Dinstar C60S/C60SP Entry Level IP Phone was created with small- and medium-sized organizations in mind. It allows users to make and receive phone calls online rather than over traditional phone lines, which can reduce costs and increase flexibility.

The Dinstar C60S/C60SP possess a number of features, such as Power over Ethernet, High Definition Audio, assistance for up to two SIP accounts, and a 132×64-pixel graphic LCD display (PoE). There is also a built-in phonebook with room for up to 500 contact entries. A web interface can be used to quickly update this phone book.

Deployment and installation are made easier by the Power over Ethernet (PoE) functionality of the C60SP model, which enables the phone to obtain both power and network connectivity through a single Ethernet connection. One of the key differences between the C60S and C60SP variants is this.

Dinstar C60S/C60SP Entry Level IP Phone

Here are some of the ways the phone can be used:

  1. Making and receiving phone calls: Making and receiving phone calls online is possible with the Dinstar C60S/C60SP, which may lower costs and boost flexibility.
  2. Intercom: By using their phone as an intercom system, users can communicate with one another within the same office or structure. When the intercom feature is enabled, you can speak and listen to the other party without having to press any buttons. Once you finish the conversation, simply hang up the phone to end the call.
  3. Conference calls: The ability to make conference calls via the phone is useful for meetings with many participants. You can add additional participants to the conference call, up to the maximum number of participants supported by the phone system or network.
  4. Voicemail: The Dinstar C60S/C60SP allow callers to leave a message by supporting voicemail when the user is not accessible. One can also set up voicemail notifications to receive an email or text message when you have new voicemail messages. Consult your system administrator or refer to the phone documentation for specific details on how to set up voicemail notifications.
  5. Caller ID: Before answering a call, users can see who is calling by looking at the caller ID on their phone.
  6. Speed dial: The phone supports speed dial, allowing users to quickly dial frequently called numbers. To use speed dial on the Dinstar C60S/C60SP IP Phone, simply press and hold the speed dial button (the button with the number assigned to the speed dial entry). The phone will automatically dial the assigned phone number.
  7. Call forwarding: While they are unavailable or away from the office, users have the option of forwarding calls to another number or extension. Once call forwarding is enabled, incoming calls will be redirected to the designated phone number or extension according to the selected call forwarding type.

The Dinstar C60S/C60SP Entry Level IP Phone is created to be used in small and medium-sized organizations who desire to benefit from VoIP technology. It is a durable, adaptable IP phone that may be utilized in a variety of business contexts.