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The year 2021 was a watershed moment for internet businesses worldwide. The previous 12 months have kept all business owners on the go, from technology improvements to supply chain breakdowns owing to the COVID-19 outbreak.

To lead you through the top 8 eCommerce future trends, Digihyve Web Development Company in Dubai presents some practical guidance and recommendations to help you stay on the rise.

Over the last few years, the eCommerce scene has shifted tremendously. Businesses had to deal with more significant change than they had in the preceding two decades due to the COVID-19 epidemic. As a result, shipping and acquisition expenses are skyrocketing, but internet advertising returns are dropping.

Consumer behavior is changing quickly at the same time. Customer expectations are skyrocketing as more money is spent online than ever before. People are becoming pickier about the firms they buy from and are less tolerant of long delivery periods (unless it’s for the correct brand). At the same time, merchants are being forced to adjust their fulfillment tactics regularly due to continuing supply chain challenges.

How can you overcome these obstacles and ensure that your business and your clients’ businesses are successful in the coming year? We asked renowned Shopify partners for their perspectives on the most crucial trends in online buying and how you can help your clients handle them in the new year to ensure sales growth. If you follow their recommendations, you’ll be more prepared for what merchants will want in the months ahead to differentiate themselves from the competition. In addition, our web development company in the UAE follows these top five Shopify website development trends in 2022.

Here are the top five Shopify website development trends.

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Search with your voice

The usage of voice search is becoming more popular, and it enhances the user experience. Businesses are already recognising the advantages of combining AI with voice searches. You must spend dollars in the voice search optimization of your eCommerce website to meet your business’s demands. Customers have a fantastic experience, akin to having a personal helper at home. Consequently, one of the most popular trends in 2022 is likely to be voice search. If you want to use this functionality for your eCommerce store, consult Shopify specialists. A number of internet sites have previously given various Voice User Interface solutions.


Customization is generating a website page depending on a user’s choices and searches. Well, the most popular eCommerce website design trend emphasises compassion and thoughtfulness. Allow users to opt-out of receiving warnings that aren’t relevant to them. This creates a brand image for your website in the eyes of the user. It also increases client trust in your brand or services.

The Vertical Layout of the Menu

Consumers have been used to scrolling through horizontal menus on websites for decades. Previously, websites were designed for computers such as laptops and desktops. However, 68 percent of people now access websites via mobile phones with time.

Vertically oriented menus are becoming increasingly common as websites become more mobile-friendly. You may ask your web development experts to create a vertical menu layout for you. It will not only make websites more mobile-friendly, but it will also improve the appearance of an eCommerce business.

 Odd Designs

In 2022, the design or layout helps websites appear approachable and useful, like in previous years. There are a variety of layouts available, such as the F-layout or the single-column layout. On the other hand, odd layouts are now allowing firms to break the pattern.

You can include a variety of components, such as:

Scrolls that never end

Pictures that are animated

Interactive clips

You may be wondering what will happen if you employ unusual layouts. A website may reach out to users, increasing engagement, conversion rates, and brand retention. To generate distinctive website layouts, you may enlist the support of a Shopify design and development firm or services.

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Supporting eco-friendly brands

Shopping online saves you both money and time. But, conduct you realize that shopping on the internet allows you to do a good deed for your community? According to the international report, air pollution has decreased by 40 percent in numerous countries. Because lockdown prevents outside activities, this is the case. As a result of these findings, consumers worldwide have grown more environmentally sensitive, and they want the eCommerce firm to follow suit. Green eCommerce websites have sprung up due to consumers’ increased preference for environmentally friendly businesses. Finally, it sparked a trend among companies to include ecologically friendly delivery into their services.

Micro animations

People have gotten accustomed to doing more things online, but that does not imply they want to spend more time exploring, researching, and purchasing products and services. With well-placed micro animations, designers can help consumers acquire rigorously what they need quickly.

Micro animations make it easy for customers to discover its interactive elements. In particular, hover effects are useful when it comes to product search. They can rapidly display more perspectives or product alternatives. They can also enable shortcuts to everyday tasks, such as add-to-cart, share, favorite, and so on.

Better filtering controls

As the popularity of online shopping expands, so will the size of digital inventory. As a result, customers will require a better way to navigate all possibilities as retailers expand their product offerings – frequently with several similar goods.

This is something that product filters already assist with. The year 2022, on the other hand, is all about simplifying and enhancing the online purchasing experience. As a result, product filters will follow in the footsteps of contact forms, where each field is created expressly for the quickest input.

Approximately 80% of internet users have used the internet to purchase goods and services. Furthermore, 50 percent of them have accepted internet shopping as a method of shopping. As a result, the eCommerce phenomenon will introduce you to a larger, nay, the most outstanding market known to humankind. That’s correct! When you travel, the entire world becomes your market.

The best part about eCommerce is that it benefits you, your coworkers, and the environment! You might wonder how that is. The solution is straightforward. When people purchase online, they don’t need to drive to get items or services, resulting in less pollution and a safer environment for future generations to grow up in. You won’t have to go out of your way to find your customers, either. Customers will instead come to you!

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