The Essential Information Before Getting Dental Veneers

Dental Veneers

The only equipment that can help you impress people at first sight and shows you are a self-confident person is your smile. Most people wish their smiles looked a little bit different. Not all of us have beautiful smiles.

You can bring back your smile to life by covering up imperfections and finally have one you always desired.

The first step to reaching this worthy aim is to repair chipped and broken teeth, and dental veneers can easily cover these problems. That is why dental veneers as a successful method are noticeable these days.

As a dentist providing dental veneer in Vancouver explains, these cosmetic dental treatments refer to the porcelain or ceramic shells made to place over teeth’ surface and act exactly like natural teeth.

Continue reading if you are interested in this fantastic dental cosmetic procedure. In this article, a professional specialist performing dental veneers in Oakville explains to us more in this regard.

Tips Before Getting Dental Veneers

  • Several Dentist Appointments: It needs several visiting and consulting with the dentist to discuss different aspects and decide which type is appropriate for you according to your teeth. So don’t expect to get your dental in a single visit to your dentist.
  • Temporary veneers: After informing your dentists about what you exactly need, they prefer the temporary one before the real deal. It can help you get used to your new smile and experience the sense of having veneers that you will live with them.
  • The number of teeth you’d like to get veneers:Molars and premolars are not visible when you smile, so only the front teeth should be considered to get dental veneers.
  • Bonding Sensitivity: Bonding sensitivity is expected as a reaction between your teeth and bondingIt is supposed to be continued for about six hours.
  • Experiencing Pain in Your Gum: Before installing dental veneers, your gum requires some healing Reforming your new teeth may cause pain. Some painkillers, such as ibuprofen, are recommended to control the pain.
  • Dental Veneers Are High-priced: Because dental veneers are made by hand before sending to the ceramist to make a copy, they are considered expensive dental procedures.

Different Types of Dental Veneers

Different Types of Dental Veneers

There are two different dental veneers, porcelain, and composite resin. Each material has unique features that, with the help of your dentist, you can decide which one is appropriate for your teeth.

In general, the essential benefit of this type is that less tooth enamel should be removed. Also, they can resist stains better than composite resin, and their durability is higher.

Still, it should be noted that composite-resin veneers are less expensive and look pretty like your natural teeth, but it doesn’t last for a long time.


There are some reasons that indicate you are not a good candidate for dental veneers, for example, having very large teeth and old filling left.

It doesn’t mean if you have them, you can’t get veneers at all.

Each dentist has a treatment plan and should determine your situation step by step. By the way, your dentist will find out that are your teeth fixable to get veneers or not.