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Cutting Tools Suppliers

Cutting tools Suppliers are tools used in machining operations to remove material from workpieces and shape them into the desired form. They come in various forms and designs, each suitable for specific cutting applications. Here are some common types of cutting tools:

  1. End Mills: End mills are cutting tools with a cylindrical shank and multiple cutting edges on the end. They are used for milling operations, such as contouring, slotting, and pocketing. End mills come in different configurations, including square end mills, ball nose end mills, and corner radius end mills.
  2. Drills: Drills are cutting tools used for creating holes in workpieces. They feature a cutting edge at the tip and are available in various types, such as twist drills, center drills, and indexable drills. Drills can be used in a wide range of materials and drilling operations, including drilling through holes and creating threaded holes.
  3. Turning Tools: Turning tools, also known as lathe tools, are used in turning operations on a lathe machine. They are used to remove material and shape the workpiece as it rotates. Turning tools include inserts, which are removable cutting tips that attach to the tool holder. Common types of turning inserts include carbide inserts, ceramic inserts, and PCD (Polycrystalline Diamond) inserts.
  4. Milling Cutters: Milling cutters are rotary cutting tools used in milling operations to remove material from the workpiece. They feature multiple cutting edges and are available in various forms, such as face mills, shell mills, and slotting cutters. Milling cutters can perform a wide range of operations, including facing, contouring, and chamfering.
  5. Reamers: Reamers are cutting tools used for enlarging and finishing pre-existing holes in workpieces. They help achieve precise dimensions and improve the surface finish of the hole. Reamers are available in different types, such as hand reamers, machine reamers, and adjustable reamers.
  6. Inserts: Inserts are removable cutting tips that are mounted on cutting tools such as milling cutters, drills, and turning tools. They are available in various materials, including carbide, ceramic, and PCD, and come in different geometries to suit specific cutting applications.

It’s important to select the appropriate cutting tool based on the specific machining operation, workpiece material, and desired outcome. Manufacturers and suppliers can provide guidance on selecting the right cutting tool for your machining needs, considering factors such as tool material, tool geometry, and cutting parameters.