How to Care For a Cricket Bats

cricket bat
cricket bat

A cricket bats is a special piece of equipment used by players. It typically consists of a cane handle attached to a flat-fronted willow-wood blade. Batters use the cricket bat to make ground and avoid being run out. While holding the bat, they touch the ground. Alternatively, they may use a cricket bat that is made for batting. In either case, a cricket bat can help players achieve a higher score.

Grade 1

A cricket bat should be of high quality and fit for the game. The quality of the cricket bat will depend on the type of willow used to make it. Certain varieties have heavier or lighter specks. The specks are caused by insects that lay their eggs in the tree bark and feed on the tree’s nutrients. These insects leave behind specks that are similar to grains. These specks are only cosmetic and do not affect the performance of the cricket bat.

Grade 2

To care for your new Grade 2 cricket bat, follow these simple steps. First, clean and dry your bat. Then, apply two or three teaspoons of raw linseed oil to the entire surface. Avoid oiling the splice, handle, or labelled areas. Over-oiling your bat will deaden the timber fibres and reduce performance. Next, leave the bat horizontal to dry for 24 hours.


The MMi3 cricket bat is a shorter version of the Mongoose, and is a great choice for Twenty20 players. Although it is missing a small chunk of splice, the MMi3 bat does not feel like a traditional cricket bat. It was designed by Mongoose to emulate the feel of a golf club while allowing greater leverage and impact speed. The MMi3 also features over-sized toes and edges that enhance grip and speed. However, it is not a suitable cricket bat for a Test match.


The Mongoose MMi4 mrf cricket bat is a new model, launching in India on 11 March 2010. The company announced Matthew Hayden as their brand ambassador. Hayden called the bat “a half-brick on a stick” and used one during the 2010 IPL. Another professional cricket player, Gareth Andrew, scored his maiden hundred with the MMi3 during a game against Surrey.


The MMi5 cricket bat is the latest innovation from Mongoose. A mini sticker embedded on the bat provides data about its speed, twist, and quality. The sensors help analyze the impact characteristics of the bat and offer players data-driven feedback. The power of the sensor-sticker makes it an excellent choice for cricket players. This bat is also compatible with wireless technology. In a game where every second counts, having the data on hand is invaluable.


Mongoose launched the MMi6 range of cricket bats on 11 March 2010 in India and announced Matthew Hayden as its brand ambassador. The bat was criticised by Stuart Law who called it “half-brick on a stick”. Earlier, Gareth Andrew became the first player to hit a 100 with an MMi3 cricket bat in professional cricket, hitting it off 58 balls in a match against Surrey.


Despite its price, the MMi7 cricket bat is one of the most popular models among cricket enthusiasts. Designed in England, this bat is crafted with premium English willow and features thick edges for powerful hitting. The bat comes with a 3-piece handle and is fully knocked, making it an ideal choice for players of all skill levels. However, the weight of the bat may vary from individual to individual, so be sure to check the measurements of the cricket bat carefully.


The Mongoose cricket bat is one of the most unique pieces of cricket gear out there. It made from a single piece of willow and is English grade one willow. The creator of the bat, Fernandez, was the global creative director at advertising agency Ogilvy. In this video, he discusses how the bat was born and the importance of innovation in cricket equipment. It will also explain how the bat works and what makes it so unique.


The Mongoose MMi9 cricket bat was designed by Fernandez, a former global creative director at the advertising agency Ogilvy. He talks about the development of the new cricket bat, which can hit the ball 10 yards further than the average bat. You can read about Fernandez’s inspiration for the design of this cricket bat in this video. It recommended for players who want to hit the ball with quickness and accuracy.


The SS Super Select Cricket is one of the best-selling cricket bats on the market. Made from the finest English willow, it is a durable and long-lasting bat. The SS Super Select Cricket features a clean bat face with concave edges, a large play area and a high-to-mid-level sweet spot. The bat also features a short, round handle with an embossed chrome sticker.