Convert QuickBooks Online to Desktop | Complete Handbook

Convert QuickBooks Online to Desktop
Convert QuickBooks Online to Desktop

Due to the variety of functions it provides, the accounting software known as QuickBooks has become increasingly popular among businesses and small business owners. The Desktop and web versions are primarily the two versions that are offered. Due to its simplicity of use, many people prefer the online version of QuickBooks, although other users choose to convert QuickBooks Online to Desktop. The methods to make the conversion will be explained in this post if you are one of them. For customers who seek protection for their business data, the desktop version is a safer option thanks to a number of features, and it also offers other advantages that will be covered in more detail in this article.

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What features of QuickBooks Desktop make it superior to QuickBooks Online?

The following are some elements that favourably influence the decision to convert to the desktop version:-

  1. Data belonging to your business is safer if it is stored locally as opposed to on the cloud.
  2. Large organizations benefit from the desktop version since it improves the effectiveness with which they manage their stocks and job pricing.
  3. QuickBooks Desktop gives you access to professional software for a variety of tasks.
  4. Users who use QuickBooks Desktop, as opposed to QuickBooks Online, may manage a large number of corporate files.

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What procedures must be taken to switch from QuickBooks Online to QuickBooks Desktop?

You will need to move the data from the QuickBooks Online Version to the Desktop Version using the following procedures:-

  1. The Security tab of Internet Options allows you to set Internet Explorer up to export the file.
  2. The sentence that says, “Require server verification for all sites in this zone,” is next to the box that says Trusted Sites; uncheck it.
  3. You may activate the export option by including Intuit and disabling secured mode.
  4. After that, pick the option to install ActiveX Control Now if you want to export your data from the QuickBooks Dashboard.
  5. The export procedure can be started by starting QuickBooks Online and choosing Export Data from the Tools menu.
  6. To use the “No Company Open” Window, first, download the file from the QBO page and then open QuickBooks Desktop.
  7. To avoid misunderstandings, change the location of the corporate file on your Desktop and save it there.
  8. Select the data you wish to export and click Convert Now to download it after the download is complete.
  9. To create a new file and save it to your Desktop, select the Create a new QuickBooks file option.
  10. When you’re prepared to finish the conversion, save the file to your computer’s local storage and then click Finish.
  11. The process could occasionally take a while, so take care not to stop it or close the Window.
  12. Review the relevant reports and the information that was exported once the conversion was finished to make sure no data was missing.
  13. When using the desktop version of QuickBooks, you must first choose Open or Restore Company from the QuickBooks File menu before choosing the Open a Company option in order to view the files.

In order to convert QuickBooks Online to Desktop, these steps will prove helpful. We advise you to be aware of the differences between the two QuickBooks editions and make your decision to upgrade after determining which version best meets your needs. Contact our technical team experts at 1.855.738.2784 for assistance if you are still having issues making the transfer.

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