Collection of Bridesmaid Robes

Bridesmaid Robes

Brides often present gifts to their maid of honor before the big day. Bridal Robes are a popular choice among bridesmaids as far as gifts go, and this makes them the ideal choice for any special occasion.

When shopping for robes for your bride and bridesmaids (if this is part of your gift), there is an array of choices. Not all robes are created equal – so be sure to do some research and find what works best for your individual style.

Let’s take a look at seven factors to consider when selecting the ideal bridesmaid and bridesmaid dresses for your wedding.

  1. COST

The price of a robe can range anywhere from $20 to $200. Before making your purchase, determine how much you’re willing to spend on one and remember that higher quality doesn’t always translate into better value for you.

Online retailers often offer quality bridesmaid robes at lower costs. You may be able to save money by ordering multiple robes.

  1. STYLE

While shopping for bridesmaid getting ready outfits and gowns, you will come across three main styles. Here we will examine these looks in order of most popular to least popular:

Spa Robes – Spa robes are the undisputed stars of wedding parties. Made from soft cotton, they’re large and comfortable – usually fitting everyone comfortably.

Wrap Robes – Wrap robes tend to be better tailored than spa robes due to the lighter materials used, such as polyester. While you may come across bridal robes claiming they are made of silk, it is rare. Steer clear of robes made out of rayon or Acetate; they tend to wrinkle quickly and require dry cleaning for optimal freshness.

When selecting bridesmaid and bridesmaid gown styles, there is no single answer that fits everyone. Spa robes are undoubtedly the most forgiving and comfortable option, while wrap and kimono-style robes look more fashionable in photographs – it all comes down to what you value most!


Nobody likes a long bridal robe that trailed on the ground. And no one wants their backside covered by it either. When in doubt, opt for one that is longer than other options and make sure to tie a belt around it; otherwise it may shrink when washed. If the robes are too long, your bridesmaids could wear short pants or other forms of cover underneath; otherwise photographs may look strange with such attire.

Make sure your robes measure at least 32 inches from the neck to the bottom hem. A small size typically ranges between 32-33 inches in length.

  1. COLOR

It is essential to find the ideal balance when selecting bridesmaid and bridesmaid gowns. Give them something timeless that your bridal party members can wear long after the ceremony, yet make sure their robes look stunning in photos taken during your special day. This way, you’ll ensure they look stunning in photos taken throughout the years.

When selecting robe colors for your bridal party, it’s best to stick with neutral tones. Select colors that complement your overall wedding color scheme but aren’t too daring or out of the ordinary for long-term usage. There are plenty of options; select one print for bridesmaids, one for house party members and one for the maid/or marshal of honor.


While bridal robes look simple enough on the outside, there are a few details you should be aware of. Pockets can be especially handy for bridesmaids and others wearing robes.

Belt loops are another essential feature in a robe, serving to secure the sash in place. When researching different robe options for your wedding day, read reviews from other brides to determine if the sashes fit properly, the belt loops function correctly and if any pockets are too small. These reviews can also give you valuable information about what other brides think of the product in question.


Embroidering your bride and her attendants’ robes with a monogram is optional, though it can add a personal touch and meaningful gift. Some brides choose only their initials while others might opt for the first name as the monogram.

You can choose to have “bride” sewn onto your robe. Other guests may opt for titles like “mother-of-the bride” or “maid of honour”. Keeping these garments in good condition requires frequent washings; initials and names make this easier.


Here you have the chance to have some fun. Slippers or sandals make for a great accessory that matches with the robes. Not only are these essential for the big day, but they can be worn long after it has ended.

Jewelry, hair clips and hair ties are all accessories that can be paired with bridal robes. No matter how daring you go with them – there are always options if your heart desires more.

What Makes Bridesmaid Robs So Popular?

Bridal robes make ideal gifts for bridesmaids in preparation for weddings. There are numerous reasons to wear these cozy garments on your big day: Comfort; it makes everyone in your bridal party feel cozy and at ease on special occasions; convenience: When getting ready to head off on your honeymoon, why not gift each other a bridal robe?

Flattering: Even spa robes can look very attractive. A professional photographer will take your pictures to capture the perfect pose, so having something flattering to show off is always nice.

Convenient: No need to worry about damaging your bridal robe due to hair or makeup damage!

Final Thoughts on Finding the Ideal Bridesmaid Woman

Your bridesmaids put in a lot of energy, time, and money to be part of your wedding. They are delighted to do this. A gift like a bridal party robe is an ideal way to show them how much you appreciate them.