Fahrradladen Siegen
Fahrradladen Siegen

As bicycle technology advances through time, choosing the right road bicycles can prove to be a difficult task. There are many things that you have to consider before committing to purchasing a specific bicycle. One thing you need to determine is the type of bike that is right for you and perfect for your need. You have to know your cycling needs, habits, the road you would be cycling on, the road types and the places where you aim to use your bicycle.

If you are new to the cycling world, you might find yourself overwhelmed at how many different types of bicycles there are available nowadays. If you walk into a bicycle shop, you would see an array of designs, brands, and different makes. If you are in such a situation, think of how frequent you would be riding your bike, what kind of riding you would want to do, and what is your budget. From there, you can choose on the different kinds of bikes.

Road Bikes

These bikes are meant for long distance cycling. They have narrow tires which are lightweight so it would be easy for you to save your energy. You don’t have to worry Fahrradladen Siegen  about staying on a static position for hours when on the road since road bicycles, especially women’s road bikes, offer a variety of hand positions.

Mountain Bikes

As their name implies, mountain bikes are more popular for off-road bicycling. Compared to road bicycles, these bikes are extremely strong considering that they would be used on tough roads and terrain. The tires have knobby treads and have good suspension designed to absorb shock.

Hybrid Bikes

When you would most likely use your bike for city riding, then hybrid bikes are for you. These bikes are actually a combination of mountain bikes and road bicycles. Its seats and handlebars are upright, almost like a women’s road bike but it offers more speed than a regular mountain bike.

Comfort Cruiser Bikes

These bikes are also known as touring bikes or beach bikes. They are known for their wide tires, upright handlers, and their gear box. They are used in a relaxed surrounding such as the beach. Unlike women’s road bikes and mountain bikes, these are designed for comfort loving people.

Utility Bikes

Their name says much about where they are usually used. They are made for commuting, running and shopping purposes. They usually have an internal hub gear with middle to heavy weigh tires and frames. Since they are usually parked somewhere, they are equipped with chain guards. Most of these bikes have a basket for commuter purposes.

Folding Bikes

Unlike road bicycles, these bikes have hinges or joints in the frame and handlebar. This permits the bike to be broken down and folded into a more compact size. The wheels are relatively small, of 20 inch or 51cm in diameter or less. They can be takes inside public transport and apartment buildings. However, they usually cost more than ordinary, non-folding bikes.

There are really no fast rules when it comes to choosing the right bike. However, whether you are looking to buy women’s road bikes or any other bicycles, your local bicycle shop would be there to help you and advice you in making the right decision.