Cheapest loan: how to get yours


The situation is tight, and you are in need of money. The simplest and quickest solution is a personal loan. But, often, to solve an unforeseen, the personal loan is hired “first time,” without the conditions being evaluated. With so much anxiety to have the money in hand, what was supposed to be a solution can turn into a problem in the future. Therefore, before taking out a personal loan, you need to do some simple planning.

Ask yourself:

  • How much loan do I need?
  • How much can I pay monthly for the loan without compromising essential expenses, such as housing, energy, and water and food bills?
  • What is the ideal loan term?

By answering these questions, it is easier to hire the ideal personal loan for you, with installments that fit in your pocket without compromising your monthly budget.

I want a cheaper loan; how do I do it?

To get a cheaper loan, the ideal is to evaluate two or more proposals. So, you can compare and hire the lowest interest personal loan. Remember that it is not enough just to consider the installments, but the total cost of the loan. It is also worth considering the time you will need to have money to pay off the loan.

The good thing about evaluating more than one personal loan proposal is that you can choose the one that best fits your pocket, short or long term. 

What do I need to get a cheaper loan?

Every loan application undergoes a personal credit analysis, which evaluates data, credit profile, income, among other items. To have more chances of getting a cheaper principal loan, the ideal thing is that you have your accounts up to date, that is, without restrictions on credit protection agencies (SPC and Serasa).

The personal loan for negative people is possible, but with more expensive and restrictive conditions. After having your personal loan application approved, you need to present personal documents such as RG, CPF, proof of residence, among others.

Bom pra Credit helps you get a cheaper loan!

Instead of looking for a cheaper loan at several banks and financial institutions and taking even longer to get your money, you can apply for a loan online without leaving your home!

To make your life easier, Bom Pra Crédito has partners (banks and finance companies) that evaluate your loan application at the same time and, in a few minutes, you receive different proposals, according to your profile. Then, it becomes easier to get a cheaper loan.

And the best: Bom Pra Crédito doesn’t charge anything for it! It is a free service to help you find the best personal loan option for you. Good right? Apply now for your personal loan.

Are online loans cheaper or more expensive?

There is no difference in the rates of the online personal loan or the loan requested in the store, except that when applying for the loan online, you do not need to visit different banks and finance companies. Through the online loan, you save time!

Have you ever heard the saying “time is money”? So, by applying for your loan online, you have more advantages, don’t you?

Stay alert with internet loan scams!

Before closing your personal loan, be careful not to fall into a trap. The search for a cheaper loan requires even more attention with false advertising. Behind reputable and certified companies, there are those that apply for loan scams on the internet.

The most common fraud is the request for advance payment to release the personal loan. They also impersonate existing companies with spoofed websites and emails.