Charles Sobhraj and Chantal Desnoyers

Besides the fact that Charles Sobhraj is married to Nihita Biswas, there is another important relationship that the actor is a part of. This relationship is with Chantal Desnoyers.

Charles Sobhraj’s criminal career

During his criminal career, Charles Sobhraj traveled the world. He was a thief and a gangster, flitting between the Near East, the Orient, and Asia. He also managed to build a coterie of followers. Among them were a Frenchman named Felix d’Escogne, who visited Sobhraj in prison. He also helped Knippenberg build the case against him. Knippenberg was a Dutch embassy diplomat who was driven by the evidence he found against Sobhraj. The Dutch diplomat linked Sobhraj to at least four murders. In 1975, Sobhraj strangled Cornelia Hemker, Stephanie Parry, and Henricus Bitanja. In the same year, Charles Sobhraj strangled American tourist Teresa Knowlton. After leaving prison, Sobhraj traveled to India. He set up a shop selling drugs and liquor in Tihar. He also ran a stolen car brokerage business. Sobhraj obtained hard-to-find autos for wealthy Indians. In addition to this, Sobhraj served as a jewel courier for foreign tourists. After Sobhraj’s conviction in 2005, Kathmandu’s Court of Appeals confirmed the conviction. It also confirmed that Sobhraj was guilty of culpable homicide in the Solomon case.

Charles Sobhraj’s marriage to Nihita Biswas

‘Bigg Boss’ is a reality television show in India. It features housemates who are voted out each week, and one of them is usually given a cash prize. It was during one of these episodes that Nihita Biswas became popular. However, she has not been seen much since then. She is not active on Facebook or Instagram. She is not even listed on her official Twitter account. Nihita Biswas was born in Kathmandu, Nepal. Her father is a businessman from Kolkata, India, and her mother is a lawyer. She has been involved in the Charles Sobhraj case in Nepal. Nihita and Charles became engaged three months after their first meeting. They were married in 2008 inside the jail where Sobhraj was imprisoned. Their wedding ceremony was attended by their mother and his brother, who is the leading lawyer in the Supreme Court. Nihita is a lawyer and human rights activist. She has advocated Charles Sobhraj, who is convicted of killing a US citizen in Nepal in 1975. She believes that there is no evidence that Charles was convicted of the crime. She says that the court has ruled against Charles unfairly. She has also alleged corruption in the judiciary. Charles Sobhraj’s relationship with Chantal Desnoyers Known as the Bikini Killer, the Serpent, and the Splitting Killer, Charles Sobhraj was a French serial killer who lived in Paris and Marseilles. After being caught in 1969, he was sent to a French prison. In addition to committing crimes, he also had a long-term relationship with Chantal Desnoyers. Charles Sobhraj’s first girlfriend was Chantal Desnoyers. She was a young woman from a conservative French background. Their relationship started when they were teenagers. It was a relationship that was not popular with her parents. Nevertheless, Chantal became pregnant with Charles’ second child. Upon their wedding in 1969, Chantal was renamed Juliette Voclain. Chantal Compagnon and Charles divorced in 1973, but Chantal continued to live in Kabul. She gave birth to their daughter, Usha, when Charles was 22. She was later diagnosed with ovarian cancer. She was sentenced to 12 years in prison. In 2010, the Nepalese Supreme Court rejected Sobhraj’s appeal, and his sentence was upheld. Sobhraj and Chantal Compagnon planned to give arms-dealing information to the CIA. They were both involved in looting and drugging. They were arrested twice.

Charles Sobhraj’s relationship with Usha Sutliff

Described as one of the best criminal minds of the twentieth century, Charles Sobhraj has recently been a topic of discussion. He is currently serving a life sentence for a series of murders he committed in South Asia during the 1970s. The story of his life is now the subject of a new TV series. The series, titled ‘The Serpent’, was produced by BBC One and Netflix. This eight-part series will air on New Year’s Day. The series follows the life of Charles Sobhraj, who is also known as the Bikini Killer. The story includes a number of horrifying sequences. One such scene involved a baseball bat under a bed in the home of Chantal’s first wife Remi Gires. Charles Sobhraj’s first wife Chantal Compagnon was born in Paris, France. She was raised in a conservative Catholic family. She met Charles Sobhraj in the late 1960s. Their marriage was short-lived. He and Chantal had a daughter, Usha Sobhraj. The couple divorced in 2008. Several years later, Charles Sobhraj married another woman, Nihita Biswas.