Cell Line Transfection Kits


Transfection reagents introduce nucleic acid constructs into eukaryotic cells so that gene function and protein expression in the cell environment can be studied. The gene introduced into the cell can be expressed transiently or stably for a long time.

Transfection reagents need to overcome the inherent challenges of introducing negatively charged molecules (for example, the phosphate backbone of DNA and RNA) into cells with negatively charged membranes. Chemicals such as calcium phosphate and diethylaminoethyl (DEAE)-dextran or cationic lipid-based reagents cover the DNA, thereby neutralizing the negative charge and even giving the molecule an overall positive charge. This process makes it easier for the DNA. Transfection reagent complex passes through the membrane, especially for lipids with “fusion” components, which enhance the fusion with the lipid bilayer. However, any transfection reagent will require optimization for each cell type and condition (e.g., confluency, passage number) to ensure efficient gene transfer and expression.

As a leading biotechnology company in the industry, BOC Sciences is committed to providing customers with a variety of innovative nucleic acid transfection solutions to support life science research, gene and cell therapy, and the production of biologics. Our products can be used for nucleic acid transfer in a variety of applications, including protein expression, overexpression of mutant genes, RNA interference, and gene editing.

BOC Sciences provides:

  • Tailor-made solutions for the special needs of in vivo transfection, including organ-targeted transfection reagents
  • Tailored transfection protocols for different cells, including easy-to-transfect mammalian cells, difficult-to-transfect mammalian cells, and insect cells
  • Different transfection materials, including high-efficiency transfection reagents for plasmid DNA, virus, RNA, and protein
  • In addition, we also provide electron transduction solutions for different cells.
  • BOC Sciences provides the best CHO Transfection Reagent for sale is a unique reagent that has been specially optimized to provide excellent transfection efficiency in CHO cells and related lineage cell types.

These excellent transfection reagents combined with the technical knowledge of BOC Sciences will enable you to conduct transcription and translation gene research.