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CBN Granding Wheels

A CBN grinding wheels is a type of abrasive wheel that is used for grinding, sharpening, and shaping hard materials such as steel and alloys. In this presentation, we’ll explore its types, advantages, and maintenance.

Type of CBN Grinding Wheels

Straight Sided CBN Grinding Wheel

The straight sided CBN grinding wheel is designed with a flat surface and straight sides to create a sharp edge for precise grinding.

Curved Sided CBN Grinding Wheel

The curved sided CBN grinding wheel has a curved design to fit the contour of the workpiece, making it ideal for use with lathes.

Dish Shaped CBN Grinding Wheel

The dish shaped CBN grinding wheel is used for grinding diamond tools and is designed to produce a concave shape with a sharp edge.

Advantages of CBN Grinding Wheel

1. Long-lasting

CBN grinding wheel have a longer lifespan than traditional grinding wheels and require less frequent replacement.

2. High Efficiency

CBN grinding wheel are highly efficient and can remove material quickly with minimal heat buildup.

3. Excellent Results

CBN grinding wheels produce a superior surface finish and can even be used for precision grinding.


Care and Maintenance of CBN Grinding Wheel

Clean Regularly

After each use, ensure that the grinding wheel is clean and free of debris. Use a soft brush or compressed air to remove any buildup on the wheel.

Check for Damage

Inspect the grinding wheel regularly for any signs of cracks or chips. If there is damage, replace the wheel immediately.

Store Properly

When not in use, store the grinding wheel in a cool, dry place away from sunlight and moisture. Avoid stacking the grinding wheels to prevent damage.

Use with Care

When using the grinding wheel, ensure that it is properly mounted and aligned. Follow all safety precautions and avoid applying too much pressure to the wheel.

Types of Hard Materials to Grind with CBN Grinding Wheel


CBN grinding wheels are ideal for grinding high-speed steel and alloy steels, which are difficult to grind with conventional abrasives.

Cast Iron

CBN grinding wheels can also be used to grind cast iron and other hard, brittle materials, producing a superior surface finish.


Ceramics can be challenging to grind without causing cracking or chipping, but CBN grinding wheel are effective and produce excellent results.

Applications of CBN Grinding Wheel



CBN Grinding Wheel Type



Straight Sided CBN Grinding Wheel

High-precision grinding

Hardened steel

Curved Sided CBN Grinding Wheel

Grinding ceramic parts


Dish Shaped CBN Grinding wheel

CBN Grinding Wheel vs. Diamond Wheels

CBN Grinding Wheels

CBN grinding wheel are designed for grinding hard materials and are used for high-speed grinding with minimal heat buildup.

Diamond Wheels

Diamond wheels are used for grinding hard and brittle materials and produce excellent results, but tend to wear out quickly.

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