Capecitabine 500mg price


Mode of action

Capecitabine 500 mg is a molecularly targeted anti-cancer drug used in the treatment of solid tumors. It works by interfering with the enzymes that are necessary for DNA synthesis and replication, leading to tumors being unable to grow and proliferate. First approved by the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in 1998, Capecitabine 500 mg is available as a generic drug and is used to treat a wide variety of tumors, such as colorectal and breast cancer.

Price variation

The cost of Capecitabine 500 mg varies depending on several factors. Typically, it is sold in packs of 28 or 84 tablets by manufacturers at a base price of approximately a reasonable cost. The final price of the medicine will be determined by geographical area, insurance coverage, pharmacy discounts, and other factors.

Insurance rates for the same

In terms of insurance coverage, it is mostly determined by the state of residence. The majority of health insurance covers Capecitabine 500 mg. However, it is important to check to see what is covered and what is excluded by the insurance provider. Additionally, it is advisable to check if there are any additional copayments or coinsurance required.

Finally, it is possible to save money by purchasing generic versions of Capecitabine 500mg. prices Generic versions of this drug are available for less than the brand name versions. These drugs are just as effective as branded products but cost only around a price for a 28-tablet package.

Usage in combined form

Capecitabine is a chemotherapy medication used to treat certain types of cancers such as colorectal cancer and metastatic breast cancer. It is typically combined with other cancer treatments, depending on the patient’s cancer form and the severity of their condition. This medication works to inhibit tumor growth and spread, which makes it an effective treatment for cancer.

Effectiveness of this medicine

When first considering Capecitabine treatment, it is important to know that the effectiveness of the drug varies depending on the individual and the type of cancer. As with any medication, some patients may have better outcomes than others. There are numerous studies that delve into the effectiveness of Capecitabine on specific cancer types, and they show that the medication is effective at treating a variety of cancers.

Results from clinical studies

In a study conducted in 2012, the effectiveness of Capecitabine was studied for first-line chemotherapy of metastatic colorectal cancer patients. It showed that Capecitabine when used in conjunction with another chemotherapy drug, 5-fluorouracil, significantly improved overall survival for patients with colon cancer. This study also highlighted the effectiveness of Capecitabine in reducing cancer progression and was also effective in treating liver metastases.

Efficiency improved over a period of time

Similarly, a 2017 study focused on the efficacy of Capecitabine for metastatic breast cancer. It showed that Capecitabine was able to delay the progression of the disease and extend life when used in conjunction with other cancer treatments, such as hormone therapy. The study also highlights the benefits of Capecitabine regarding the improved quality of life of patients across all stages of metastatic breast cancer.

The outcome of life improved from these clinical trials

Capecitabine also has been found to be effective in many other treatments as well. A study conducted in 2018 discusses the use of Capecitabine in combination with radiotherapy to treat gastrointestinal malignancies. It revealed that the addition of Capecitabine to the radiotherapy treatment significantly improved the outcome, reducing the recurrence rate and improving overall patient survival.


In conclusion, the cost of Capecitabine 500mg Price depending on geographical location, insurance coverage, pharmacy discounts, and generic availability. Those looking to save money may wish to consider the use of generic medications, using a Canadian pharmacy or checking to see if their health insurance covers Capecitabine 500 mg.