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Allergic Rhinitis, which is also known as hay fever, is an allergic reaction when you are exposed to dust, dirt, pet dander, mold spores, etc. This allergy causes an allergy in your nose that releases a natural chemical substance like histamine. As a result, you may feel discomfort like running nose, sneezing, stuffy nose, itch, watery eyes, headache, sore throat, etc. Certainly, you need a reliable Allergic Rhinitis treatment in Singapore from a quality ENT specialist.

The above-mentioned reasons are not enough to know that you have been suffering from Allergic Rhinitis in Singapore. There might be other reasons too, depending on your natural surrounding. Here, you will get to know such seven reasons that can easily trigger Allergic Rhinitis and further require the assistance of an ENT specialist.

Let’s get started on the same.

Five things that might trigger your Allergic Rhinitis 

  1. Using excessive makeup: Especially in females who apply regular makeup and forget to take out the same at night have higher chances of suffering from Allergic Rhinitis. It is because of the fact that cosmetics contain a chemical called Isobornyl acrylate, which is a component of glue and has a weird smell that might cause inflammation in your nose. Specifically, when females miss out on removing their makeup before sleeping, the chemical causes inflammation that led to triggering signs of Allergic Rhinitis like nose sensitivity, itching skin, sneezing, and more.
  2. Exposed to pollution: If you live in a crowded city, you have a higher chance of suffering from hay fever. That’s because excessive pollution emissions in the ecosystem can lead to the arrival of smog. It prevents pollens from going into the upper atmosphere and stays within the ecosystem to cause severe problems to people. It causes discomfort because people started inhaling the pollens that might trigger hay fever.
  3. Use of cleaning sprays: Did you know that surface and floor cleaning sprays contain allergy-including chemicals? Excessive usage of such sprays within the home environment can cause the members to feel discomfort and nose inflammation. Therefore, it is best recommended to properly ventilate the cleaning area after using the chemical-enriched sprays to make sure the environment is free from allergies.
  4. Aerosols might trigger allergy: Do you use air fresheners or spray-based deodorants? If yes, then it might cause Allergic Rhinitis at some point in time. Especially when you use such products in excessive quantity. Like cosmetics, even aerosols contain allergic and artificial chemicals. If you are already suffering from nose allergy, then inhaling the aerosols might trigger the arrival of Allergic Rhinitis. And it will further irritate your nasal senses while causing extreme discomfort.
  5. Paint in the house: Have you recently sprayed paint in your residential area? Then also, you are exposed to allergic chemicals at home. Paints comprise strong artificial chemicals with a strong smell. Thus, it might trigger hay fever in adults and children. To prevent this condition, it is best preferred to stay away from the newly painted home area for a while until the smell goes away.


Allergic Rhinitis is a common nasal allergy that can impact adults and children at the same time. It is beneficial to stay aware of the triggering reasons to prevent this kind of allergy. Moreover, do check with a trusted ENT specialist to treat your allergies on time.

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