Brother SE2000 Sewing and Embroidery Machine


Brother SE2000 Sewing and Embroidery Machine


Bring  your embroidery dreams to life! The Brother SE2000 sewing and embroidery machine has features that will appeal to both novice embroiderers and professional sewers alike. Starting with key features like WiFi, mobile app with design experience and many built-in embroideries, it makes creating beautiful embroideries in 5×7 embroidery areas even more fun.


Choose from  193 built-in creative embroideries and view them on the 3.7-inch color LCD screen, which allows for easy on-screen editing, including changing letters and combining embroideries.The combo machine gives you the best embroidery and sewing experience.


Create a design with one of  241 built-in  stitches and monograms, or customize your design in one step with  thirteen built-in embroidery fonts and ten automatic buttonhole size styles. The exceptional feed system makes sewing easy and allows for smooth fabric feed, while the 7.4″ boom needle protrusion and embroidery speed of up to 650 SPM (850 while sewing)


Plus compared to Brother iBroidery  and Brother 4 x 7 Add a 1.5cm magnetic hoop, the Brother SE2000 is the perfect machine for your next embroidery or sewing project.


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Brother SE2000 Key Features

Brother SE2000 Key Features

Brother SE2000 Key Features

A key feature of the Brother SE2000 embroidery machine is  active technology that encourages creativity. When connected to a wireless network, the Brother SE2000 embroidery machine lets you transfer files from your PC to the machine via Design Database Transfer (no USB connection required) so you can send and then embroider!

For more flexibility, you can create and send embroideries via PE-Design.

You can design your own custom  stitches and save them to your embroidery machine to further personalize that machine.





The Brother SE2000 has a color sorting feature that adjusts the order in which multicolored projects are combined, reducing color mismatch and increasing productivity.

Another striking feature of the se2000 sibling is the cross-stitch cut. Function The Cut jump stitches function cuts off excess thread jumps in one color.





The highlight of the  SE2000 sibling is the new artspira app. This new feature includes downloadable embroideries and the ability to create embroideries by drawing on your  phone. Tools built into the drawing app  include  pen, shapes, and  eraser.

You can draw line art inspired designs about 5×7 in size and then wirelessly send them to your brother SE2000. Once you’ve completed your custom design, the app has a stitch simulator that lets you  see how your embroidery design will look once it’s stitched.


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