BP v Leave-On Products? What I Learnt on the PanOxyl Website


As a long-term acne sufferer, I spend time researching ways to provide relief. Look into the subject online, and you’ll see an array of products, all claiming to be the next big thing. You’ll find two main products on the market: leave-on benzoyl peroxide (BP for short), types and washes. So, I decided to visit the PanOxyl website for more info.

While they both have the same aim – allowing the user to get control of their acne – the former is left on to do its work, whereas the latter is typically applied and washed off within a few minutes. So, which is better for a person wanting to improve their breakouts?

The Many Benefits of a BP Wash

Benzoyl peroxide is something of a hero product for acne sufferers, and when it’s used as a wash, it comes with a number of benefits over the leave-on option. Available in a 4% or a 10% formula, it’s an option that gives you the best chance of success.

As you’ll see on the PanOxyl website, the advantages are numerous and include:

  • Less in the way of dryness and flaking. Due to the fact that BP washes are removed from the skin after just a few minutes means there’s much less chance of it drying out. Also, having an active ingredient on your skin for several hours increases the likelihood of a reaction.
  • Less severe when you start. While there can still be dryness at the outset with a wash product, the problem can be much worse with a leave-on product. Peeling and blistering is not uncommon. The knock-on effect of this is often that people just stop using them – meaning that the problem is never truly dealt with.
  • Easier to use on a larger area. Another advantage of a BP wash is that it’s much simpler to apply when your acne covers a larger area of the body. So, if you’re treating acne on your shoulders, chest and back, it’s going to be a much better option. What’s more, you can use it easily in the shower.
  • Easy to integrate into your routine. Ease of use is an extra benefit with BP washes, as they offer a fuss-free method for controlling your acne. It also means that you can apply makeup at any time.

Trust the PanOxyl Website – It’s Just a Gentler, Better Option

So, what this great website advice tells us is that a BP wash is just a better option. It’s gentler, easier to include in your routine, easier to start using and much less likely to cause reactions.

It’s perhaps not surprising then, that BP washes are more widely used than any other type of acne product. Whatever you use to control your acne, start slowly and give your skin time to adjust. Then, if you do experience any adverse reactions, you can adjust your approach.

Get the balance right and your skin will look and feel great before you know it.