These 8 Secrets Tips Will Make Your Bowl Sleeves Look Amazing

bowl sleeve

Exposing the daily used kitchen items like crockery facilitates customers in making purchase decisions. Meanwhile, offering them a throughout safety support is also essential. The bowl sleeve comes handily to fulfill both of these needs at the same time. All the material options like cardboard, kraft paper stock.

And the bux board offers a higher level of sturdiness. It is quite easy to get them in any desired shape and color. Businesses can customize to raise the aesthetics of this packaging solution. Rregard are embossing, gluing, scoring, and foiling of bowl sleeve. Modern printing methods and technologies also lift the aesthetics of displayed content.

The bowl sleeve, commonly known as the belly band packaging, is quite popular for holding bowls, crockery, food takeaway, and much more. Previously their main purpose of usage was to make the shipping and display conveniently. However, now businesses use them to engage the buyers as well. Improving their aesthetics is inevitable for this purpose. So, here are 8 secret tips to make them look amazing.  

Make Design Product-Specific:

The design has vital importance in the overall aesthetics of the custom bowl sleeve. There are several beautiful crafted designs that are trending in the market. However, it is not possible to use a single design for every product for an amazing look. So, get your design according to the dimensions of your product.

The beauty of these packaging sleeves lies in their extreme customization. It is much easy to craft them in any shape and angle. Thats’ better to show your product images or ship the real products to the packaging firms. It will bring ease to them for crafting the aesthetically perfect and beautiful design for you. 

Craft A Handle At The Top:

The customized bowl sleeve packaging is primarily brought into use for keeping the parts of crockery together. Moreover, this sleeve is wrapped over several prepared food items by the restaurant for details about the business. However, you can bring more ease for the consumers by customizing the design a little.

Use a stronger and thicker material like cardboard or bux board for this purpose. You can simply extend some part of the sheet on the upper side to give it the shape of a handle. It will become a carrying source for the sales force to show the crockery without touching it to avoid marks of fingerprints. 

Tightly Overlap For Stronger Grip:

The custom printed bowl sleeve in a loose state does not look good and is of no use in such conditions. They are mostly shipped in flat condition without prior application of the glues or any other sticking material.

Keep the bottom side of these packaging sleeves below the product and fasten it tightly using the desired sticking materials. Stretch the sleeve tightly before applying it, and keep pressing the joint for some time if you are doing it manually for your small business. 

Print Product Details At The Bottom:

Printing the product details over packaging is a vital need of businesses. For the traditional packaging types, the best way to display them is over the side walls. However, the trends for bowl sleeve printing wholesale vary. Several brands do the same and print them over the top. However, prefer displaying them at the bottom or at the sides.

The bottom is of no use otherwise, but side walls and retail packaging are a great option for business branding. You can also use any of the sides to make the minor details more visible. Only display the most necessary information to avoid the complexity of the design. 

Customize Logo At Sleeve Middle:

Several such techniques are there that can help lift the brand image along with the aesthetics of packaging with a custom bowl sleeve. The structure of these sleeves can e made more engaging by crafting the business logos in the middle using modern customization techniques. Use the embossing technique to make it look real.

Let the logo come out of the sleeve design. It will become much engaging, and people will get influenced by the unique ways to display such details. Additionally, such a prominent and engaging display of the logo will make it easier for the customers to remember a crockery brand. They will also recommend to the other people in their social circle because of the lasting impression over their behavior. 

Make Top And Bottom Round:

Experts recommend getting the customized bowl sleeve in the design of the product around which they will be wrapped. Usually, it is not the practice to cover the product from all around in the case of this open style packaging. However, doing it for the top and bottom will look quite fascinating.

Keep the side strips less widened and give the bottom and top a round shape for a circular bowl. However, you can change the shape of the bottom and top according to the dimensions of the products. It will also keep the items safe from scratches.

Affix With The Product Edges:

There is a common problem seen in the use of packaging with the custom printed bowl sleeve separating from the product. It is common to see the happening of such events for the food takeaways and different crockery items. However, it is much easy to affix it strongly so that it does not get separated in any case.

Kraft the two small windows in the middle of the side strip and hang that area over the side handles or locks of the product. This technique is highly effective in keeping the sleeve at a fixed position. Customers also appreciate such creativity to keep the different parts together while using the same product. 

Focus Over Color And Fonts:

Another effective technique to make the bowl sleeve printing wholesale engaging is to focus on the colors and fonts. These are the most vital and noticeable factors that come under the consideration of customers within seconds of interaction.

Choose the dark colors as the majority of the crockery designs are made in light colors. It will make the products highly visible in the retail stores. Pay the same attention to the use of the fonts as well business. The selection of engaging fonts also impacts consumer behavior and makes these sleeves more engaging. 

These secret tips are no longer a secret for you after knowing all about them. Perfect implementation of these factors in the bowl sleeve will really raise their charm. Businesses will surely foresee a quick boost in sales by using such an amazing and creative packaging style that exposes the products so brilliantly.