How To Get A Better Deal And Spend Less Money Shopping At Bloomingdale’s

Bloomingdale cash back
White Plains, New York, USA - March 25, 2011: A Bloomingdale's department store facade sign is seen at the suburban White Plains, New York State location.

Bloomingdale’s is known for its incredible style and exorbitant prices. But the latter need not stop you from enjoying the former. There are plenty of Bloomingdale’s Cash Back and other offers you can avail of to buy some of your favorites at the store. RebatesMe is a great option for you to enjoy the best shopping deals with gift cards and Cash Back offers. 

With the right deals and discounts, you can enjoy the indulgence of buying yourself the best of brands at Bloomingdale’s, such as Dolce & Gabbana, Chanel, Balenciaga, and Oscar de la Renta, and still end up saving. 


Coupons are, as they always have been and always will be, an easy and simple way to go when it comes to saving money on your shopping. You can save money on things that are regularly priced or on items that are on sale, as well as on your overall purchase. You may discover coupons in the sales section of Bloomingdale’s website or on other shopping community portals that are regularly updated with the latest available deals. 

Bloomingdale’s Credit Card 

Choose Bloomingdale’s credit cards if you want to take advantage of the greatest benefits that the Loyallist program has to offer. You have the option of applying for a credit card through the retailer or through American Express. Pick the one that works better for your shopping needs. Free shipping and extra point advantages are offered to Loyallist members who use either card, and they can also enjoy exclusive offers. They may be redeemed in-store as well as at other places. In addition, if you create a new card account, you will be entitled to a discount of 15% on up to a specific amount of transactions made on the same day and the following day. 

If you are a Loyalist member and reach the Top of the Line status, you will also receive an upgrade to the store credit card that you use.

Bloomingdale’s Loyallist Program 

When you shop at Bloomingdale’s, you are eligible to earn points via the Loyalist program. When you hit 5,000 points, you will be eligible to win a reward card. It is essential that you are aware that the points you get are directly linked to the mode of payment that you use. For instance, you will get three points for every dollar that you spend at Bloomingdale’s if you use either the store card or the American Express card. You will get one point for every dollar that you spend if you pay using checks, debit or credit cards, or cash in addition to your own.

If you use your Bloomingdale’s card to make purchases at Bloomingdale’s totaling more than $3,500 in a single calendar year, you will be bumped up to a Top of the List member. You will earn four points for every time you spend a dollar, and you also get free delivery on all orders and have the flexibility to select your own Triple Point Days if you choose to upgrade your membership.

Several times throughout the year, Bloomingdale’s hosts unique events during which Loyallist members get the opportunity to earn double or even triple the regular number of points for each purchase they make. Members have the opportunity to earn Power Points, which are predetermined point totals that are rewarded for purchases that meet certain criteria on occasion. Every day, you may earn twice as many points for spending on fragrances and cosmetics.

Browse the Sales & Promotions On The Website

The Bloomingdale’s website has a section for customers who are interested in shopping on a budget. You can visit the section to look for sales and promotions. You will be able to browse through all of Bloomingdale’s latest unique deals. These offers may include discounts on footwear, kitchenware, or clothing, as well as free delivery throughout the whole site or promotions for new products. This section also includes a listing of offers for free gifts with purchases as well as promotions for Loyallist members, such as free delivery and opportunities to earn double or triple points.

Bloomingdale’s Cash Back Through RebatesMe 

RebatesMe offers Bloomingdale’s Cash Back, Promo Codes, Discounts, and Coupons. You will find thousands of beautiful dresses on sale, so make sure to check those out! You may also want to hurry and catch the Designer Event featured on RebateMe, to get as high as 40-50% worth of Cash Back on select items at Bloomingdale’s. 

When you place your first order at Bloomingdale’s via RebatesMe, you get to enjoy Cash Back at a higher rate. You also get gift cards Cash Back. There’s also the option to browse through the RebatesMe website that features special deals on products at Bloomingdale’s. Use the RebatesMe browser extension for the latest promo codes, discounts, easy-to-view exclusive coupons and 10% Bloomingdale’s Cash Back, and more. 

With so many options to save money when shopping at Bloomingdale’s, you can certainly enjoy the luxury and style without burning a hole through your pocket. Keep an eye out for Bloomingdale’s Cash Back deals and indulge in buying yourself the best of brands.