Best Teeth Whitening in Blackburn


Have you always wished for a stunning white smile? Have you noticed that your teeth have yellowed over time? Perhaps you’re simply dissatisfied with the discoloration caused by drinking tea and coffee.

Whatever your motivation for desiring whiter teeth, you’re not alone – and we’d want to assist you.

Teeth darken with age as a result of stains from food, beverages, and cigarettes, and there are several additional variables that influence your natural tooth color.

You will notice a significant improvement in your smile after our teeth whitening procedure. On a daily basis, we see how this simple practice may enhance the confidence of our patients.

Our teeth whitening in blackburn procedures can give you a whiter smile in only 3 days.

Mitcham Dental, like many Blackburn dental clinics, uses peroxide-based solutions applied to custom-made dental trays that fit precisely over your teeth.

However, unlike many other teeth whitening procedures in Blackburn, we employ a mix of peroxides to maximize your teeth’s brightness in the shortest amount of time while being extra cautious with sensitive teeth.

The gel is applied to your teeth daily via the trays for 1-4 hours, depending on the whitening treatment we have suggested.

This progressively lightens the color of your teeth, and because you have control, you may get them to the shade you choose, whether it’s to make your teeth naturally whiter or to produce a stunning hue that everyone will notice.

Our product range has developed over time to represent the most recent and effective gels that produce outcomes that patients adore.

We aim to give you long-lasting effects, therefore we don’t cut corners on quality. Our gels have been selected to consistently give gold standard results.