Best Medicine Apps for Online Consultation for Doctors


No industry is more reliant on technology than healthcare. From patient records to billing, the medical field has always needed a lot of help from computers and software. With advancements in technology, you can now find many different types of app for doctors that are designed specifically for doctors like yourself. 

Bajaj Finserv Health For Doctors 

It is the top medical business app for doctors. The app does more than just offer online consultation. It also has features like online prescription writing. The app is available on iOS and Android. Bajaj Finserv Health For Doctors helps doctors to maintain patient records, track prescriptions, get updates about medications through the mobile application or SMS alerts, among other services that are meant to make their working environment better. The most important aspect of the app is to help doctors provide better care.

Practo Ray

A new practice management system has been introduced for doctors by Practo called Ray. This program allows you to manage your medical business all in one place, so it is easier than ever before. Practo Ray enables you to manage your online reputation, track referrals, and more. You can also use this program for marketing purposes, such as creating landing pages or email campaigns that will help increase the number of patients coming into your practice.

Lybrate for Doctors

Lybrate connects doctors to patients directly. Doctors can communicate with each other without having to go through a third party or insurance company, which is common in the healthcare industry today. Many times this communication delays care and increases the cost of it for everyone involved. Patients are able to access their doctor’s schedule along with prices before ever walking into an appointment. The doctors app online cuts down on time taken to determine fees and allows doctors to see patients faster, increasing efficiency.


Mfine is excellent medical billing software that you can use to reduce your bills and increase revenue. It is a one-stop destination for all healthcare providers where they need not do anything else except using this single platform. With Mfine, you can create your own EMR and manage all the patient data in a few clicks. It has a user-friendly interface which makes it more intuitive for doctors to use this platform. This software is equipped with various features like appointment scheduler, subscription management tool, etc so that the doctor will be able to handle their practice easily.


DocsApp is the perfect app for doctors, dentists, and other professionals who want to streamline their medical practices. DocsApp is a comprehensive practice management solution that helps you quickly schedule appointments online, send text reminders to patients about upcoming visits or fillings, and collect payments through secure credit card processing. DocsApp also gives your staff access to patient records so you can free up your time for other tasks.


It is a medical business software that is best for doctors. It was created by doctors with the aim of making it easy to run their own practice while still being able to focus on what matters most—helping patients in need. DocOnline offers top-notch customer service and support at no additional cost, which makes this platform an alluring choice for many doctors who are struggling to keep up with their busy schedules. It provides an easy-to-use platform that allows the user to focus on what matters most, patient care. DocOnline uses a well-designed interface which makes it simple and straightforward to use no matter how experienced you might be in using medical software.

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The ability of doctors is limited by the number of hours in a day, but with online consultation software, they are not restricted by time at all. Doctors will now have more opportunities to make additional revenue and build rapport with their patients through online consultations. As a result, doctors can keep in touch with their patients without requiring them to come in for appointments every few months, depending on the severity of each case. Instead, they are able to connect more frequently so that they will have more opportunities to give better care if necessary. This means that only the most serious cases will require in-person consultations, which means that doctors can dedicate more time to those who need it the most.