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Congratulations! You’ve put money into your home’s(Furniture shops in Sunderland) interior. After you’ve settled down in your chair.

Enjoying your new space. We know that it’s essential to maintain your house fresh for an extended period.

The best part is that furniture has been made to last just like we used to do more than a century ago.

With minimal care, your furniture made of wood is sure to stay as a masterpiece. Here’s what you should learn about caring for your furniture made of wood.

This article will examine various ways to care for the condition and protect and care for wooden furniture (and perhaps flooring). These topics include:


  • Maintenance of wood furniture.
  • Wood-based furniture should be protected.
  • Little touch-up techniques for wood maintenance.
  • How can furniture be prevented from sliding across a wood floor?
  • Bonus How to age your brand new furniture made of wood.
  • How to Maintain Your Wood Furniture

Clean furniture

What is the best way to clean furniture made of wood? What is the best way to repair wood furniture? These are two of the questions that our customers frequently ask. Cleaning furniture made of wood is simple. 


It is not necessary to clean your table each day. However, we suggest that you perform one quick clean once per week.

This article aims to ensure that you know what to do if you discover an item of furniture made from wood that requires minor repairs, cosmetic work or more than a simple cleaning.


Another question we often ask is why the furniture made of solid wood is so expensive? The answer is easy; the quality.

We’re here to help you keep that quality. Here you will find the information to help you do that.

Regular Wood Furniture Cleaning

Clean your furniture using a damp cloth. Clean up any moisture that remains with a dry cloth. Make sure to use cotton as synthetic fibres may cause scratches to surfaces.


For the Custom Dining or Bench made collections, Performance finishes are applied. It is cleaned with a block of gentle dish soap.

A 100% cotton cloth that is dampened by the water. Make sure you wipe off any detergent residue and then follow up by wiping it clean with a dry cloth.


Most finishes are made to have a low sheen and little or no “lustre.” So, to preserve the beautiful look of your wood furniture.

It is recommended to avoid polishes made of wax or containing silicone. These polishes will build up within the crevices of your wood grain. Which can contaminate the finish and remove the furniture’s overall appearance.


How to Protect Your Wood Furniture

Like everything you purchase, the misuse or abuse can cause damage over time. Therefore, here are some do’s and don’ts to prevent damage to your wood furniture.

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Make sure to use a pad underneath the hot plate and the pizza box.

Cold, hot or wet objects can react to the surface of the wood and cause discolored white rings or other markings.


Use felt pads under lamps, vases, and some coasters. As well as other accessories for decoration that could scratch the surface if moved.


Do not allow plastic, nylon or rubber to stay on your wood surfaces. That includes feet of computers, alarm clocks and other electronic gadgets. As time passes, these devices can trigger an involuntary reaction to the wood finish.


Do not place your feet on the furniture. The ornaments and sharp edges of shoes could scratch furniture made of wood.

Scratch the wooden furniture

Do not let your pets wander across or scratch the wooden furniture. While we all are devoted to our pets, they could cause accidental harm too. Apart from that, the carpet and your lap may be far osier!


If you are writing, place something heavier under your paper, for instance, magazines or books. Wood is a soft material; your handwriting could eventually move through the report onto the tabletop.


Make sure your furniture is away from the fireplace and cooling and heating vents, far from sources of moisture such as humidifiers, and keep your furniture out of direct sunlight.

Although we are all in love with the sun, it can be a savage force. Look at what it does to your skin within a few hours or in newspapers in a single day. 


Everyday exposure to sunlight or heat, even in direct sunlight, can cause the wood to fade and cause dry wood that can cause cracks in time.

Manage your climate. Wood expands or contracts according to the surrounding environment. If you reside in a dry region and are in a dry area.

You might need to install a humidifier inside your home. If you live in a humid area, you may have to regulate the moisture within your home.


Midtown Table Detail How to Take Care of Wood Furniture: Minor Touch-Ups

Even if you take the most care of your furniture, incidents can occur. An accident can go unnoticed or leave watermarks.

A child’s playtime could scratch or harm the wood. It’s okay. It’s good to know that most damage can be repaired easily. 


Minor scratches and dents For a quick and easy fix, make sure you make a match with a painter, polish for shoes or colour of a furniture pen to the furniture’s finish. Rub it on the affected area, and your scratch will be not noticeable or noticeable.

That Annoying White Ring:

Oops! You did not use a coaster. Perhaps your child has placed a hot food item directly on the table.

Watermarks, also known as white rings, can be caused by the moisture in a glass or bottle moving into the layer of the furniture’s surface. Try the following home remedies to eliminate the wood surface water.


The ring can be gently cleaned with the crew with rubbing alcohol. As the alcohol evaporates, it could draw moisture away from the surface, decreasing the coating layer on the surface.

Apply a blow dryer with less than 160 degrees of temperature. Warm, gentle heat that is not hot may aid in the removal of a layer of moisture.

The white ring can be ironed using moderate heat and a cotton cloth. The heat can assist in removing the outer water.

Try using Guardsman(TM) water rings remover that can be found on the internet. This product has received excellent reviews.