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Author Charles uses his storytelling blog not only to share his captivating short stories but also to promote his published works. With a keen eye for creating a memorable experience, he has crafted a powerful visual atmosphere that perfectly complements the fantastical nature of his tales.

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A video of rolling clouds serves as a mesmerizing background for the blog, imbuing it with an ethereal quality. Pairing each blog story with one of his nature photos, Allinger cleverly creates a doorway into the heart of each narrative and piques the curiosity of his visitors.

Key takeaways

  • Get creative with the concept of a “blog.” You don’t need a personal hobby, professional pursuit or a niche passion in order to create a successful blog. As long as you have something to write down and an audience eager to hear what you have to say, you can start a blog.

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  • Use formatting to your advantage. Allinger did a great job of creating an alluring digital space without sacrificing readability. If you want to see how shorter sentences, well-defined paragraphs and white space can make a blog post easier to read, this blog is a must-see.

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