Benefits of Choosing Purpose-Built Student Accommodation in Nottingham

Student Accommodation Nottingham

Nottingham is a city in the East Midlands of England. This is one of the cities in the UK where students from around the world visit to acquire higher education and have a beautiful time. There are three universities and many colleges in Nottingham, which host both domestic and international students. The three universities in Nottingham include the University of Nottingham, the University of Law, and Nottingham Trent University.

For international students, there are different types of accommodations available in Nottingham, which include university halls, purpose-built student accommodation a.k.a. PBSA, and private rental apartments. All these types are chosen by students according to their preferences.

University halls are managed by the universities and are usually found on the campuses.
Purpose-built student accommodations are built by private developers and have complexes for students. These complexes are very much like the university halls. Private rental apartments are also built by private developers but are not specially developed for students but the students can rent them also.

Among these three types, PBSA complexes are getting very popular in the present scenario. There are many benefits to choosing PBSA. Below, you can read about those benefits.

You Get a Campus-Like Environment

PBSA complexes are specially meant for students. Therefore, when you choose to stay in purpose-built student accommodation Nottingham, you get a campus-like environment. You find a plethora of students whom you can befriend. Therefore, even when you are not in college, you can enjoy having fun with other students in your accommodation complex.

Moreover, you can also get help from students who are in the same course as yours or have similar subjects in your studies and can also help them.

You Can Meet Students from Other Universities Also

Since university halls are managed by some universities, you usually find students from your university only there. But, PBSA complexes are managed by private owners; therefore, students from multiple universities can be found there. However, students of a particular university nearest to the complex may have the majority.

You Get Lots of Facilities as Per the Requirements of the Students

In the PBSA units and complexes, you find the facilities as per your requirements. In the units, study tables & chairs, wardrobes, televisions, cooking arrangements, Wi-Fi internet connections, etc.

On the other hand, complexes have the features for fun and fitness of students. Students can find a gym, cinema, games room, spa & sauna, and more.

On the contrary, private rental apartments have fewer facilities for students.

You Get Tight Security


Security is needed by everyone. For students, there are tight security arrangements in PBSA complexes. There is security staff in these private complexes. Besides, CCTV cameras are installed in the properties therefore all the important places in the complexes are monitored and suspicious activities and persons can be detected easily. Secure door entry is also provided to students.

You Can Get Different Types of Accommodation Units

There are different types of accommodation units available in the PBSA complexes, such as ensuite rooms, apartments, and shared rooms. But, it is not so in the case of private rental apartments.

You Get Freedom as Compared to the University Halls

You may have to follow some university rules in the university halls. But, you get freedom as compared to the university halls if you live in PBSA.

PBSA Offers Important Services

All the important services are offered to students who live in these complexes. Some of the services have already been mentioned in previous sections such as fitness, Wi-Fi, etc. In addition to them, you can get laundry services and other such services that are significant for students.

PBSA Complexes Are Ideally Located

PBSA complexes are usually located near universities in Nottingham. Some of them are within the walking distance of universities and colleges. Therefore, students can commute easily to their universities. Moreover, all the facilities according to the needs and interests of students may be found near these complexes such as shopping centers, restaurants, etc. Some PBSA complexes may be in or near the city center.

Purpose-Built Accommodation Is Very Affordable

Purpose-built accommodation is very affordable for students. There are accommodations available in different price ranges. Therefore, students with different budgets can easily afford this type of accommodation.

There Is a Great Study Environment in the Complexes

Due to the rush of students, there is a great study environment in the PBSA complexes. Students in the same course or with similar subjects can also discuss different topics while living here.

Final Thoughts

The above-mentioned ones are some of the benefits you get when you live in purpose- built student accommodation in Nottingham. But, it doesn’t mean that the other two types of accommodations are not good. Living in them also has some advantages.