Backlinks kaufen
Backlinks kaufen

What a bosom! Yes, I’ll admit it, my actions when I first found out about backlinks and blogs were a disaster! It’s been almost 2 years now since I bought a process from a woman selling how to get rich and blogging.

So I did it – bought the program, set up my own blog.

The woman invited us to comment on our findings on her own blog. Thing is, I can’t remember her right now and I think I know why.

She deleted my comments and didn’t even bother to write me about backlink etiquette. Ha!

i was a customer I was new and she chose to ignore me rather than retrain me.

First point: Please don’t ignore your customers , no matter how much they don’t know about your system.

Second point – I found out about backlinks from someone else at some point. Mike from Profit Lance made the system easy to understand for me and I was able to use it almost immediately.

What exactly is a backlink?

A backlink is simply a link from another website to your own website. The best way to get links naturally is to write quality content that other web owners will want to  Backlinks kaufen  link to your site. You can write it on their blog pages or in articles, press releases and more.

About commenting on other people ‘s websites and blogs :

Yes, you can increase your page rank by getting quality backlinks to your website.

Most blogs and some websites allow you to leave a comment. You can usually add your website link and this will help get some traffic (if your comment is interesting enough) and increase the number of backlinks to your website.

However, you need to know if the place you are posting has an attribute called “nofollow” that prevents your link from being counted as a backlink. If so, don’t worry – really – it’s as effective as hitchhiking west to Vancouver and sticking your thumb out on the other side of the highway – facing east! Are you taking a ride? No way.

This nofollow hook was invented to prevent spam comments, and you can verify this by going to the source of the page and searching for “nofollow”. Despite this, there are still many blogs and websites where you can benefit from a backlink.

The “dofollow movement” emerged against the rise of nofollow.

Dofollow bloggers are bloggers who agree to manually moderate their blog comments and remove the nofollow tag. For promoting your website, this means that you should spend your time commenting on dofollow blogs. It is difficult to find dofollow blogs, they are very rare, most blogs are nofollow by default.

There are lists of blogs to follow as well as dofollow search engines to solve this problem. Dofollow search engines (especially those for blogs) allow you to search a list of only approved dofollow blogs.

The best way to use one is to search for the keywords you hope your site will rank for. If you found a good post to comment on, leave a quality comment. Once they approve it, you will get a dofollow link. Dofollow links count as a vote for your website in search engines and help you to rank better in the search results.