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Azure Network Engineer AZ-700 Dumps

Passing AZ-700 Designing and Implementing Microsoft Azure Networking Solutions will help you earn your Microsoft Certified: Azure Network Engineer Associate Certification. Passcert new cracked Azure Network Engineer AZ-700 Dumps that you can use for the preparation of the Microsoft AZ-700 exam. If you are using detailed Azure Network Engineer AZ-700 Dumps prepared by us, then you will be able to clear your concepts and you will be able to prepare for the exam in an efficient way. You must go through all the Azure Network Engineer AZ-700 Dumps multiple times, it will allow you to clear your Microsoft AZ-700 exam on your first attempt.
Azure Network Engineer AZ-700 Dumps - Designing and Implementing Microsoft Azure Networking Solutions

Exam AZ-700: Designing and Implementing Microsoft Azure Networking Solutions

Candidates for this exam should have subject matter expertise in planning, implementing, and maintaining Azure networking solutions, including hybrid networking, connectivity, routing, security, and private access to Azure services.Candidates for this exam should also have expert Azure administration skills, in addition to extensive experience and knowledge of networking, hybrid connections, and network security.


Successful Azure Network Engineers start this role with experience in enterprise networking, on-premises or cloud infrastructure, and network security. As a prerequisite for this exam, you should be familiar with the following:
●Understanding on-premises virtualization technologies, including virtual networking and VMs.
●Understanding network configurations, including TCP/IP, Domain Name System (DNS), firewalls, and encryption technologies.
●Understanding of software-defined networking.
●Understanding hybrid network connectivity methods, such as VPN.
●Understanding resilience and disaster recovery, including high availability and restore operations regarding networking.

Skills Measured

Design, Implement, and Manage Hybrid Networking (10% to 15%)
Design and Implement Core Networking Infrastructure (20% to 25%)
Design and Implement Routing (25% to 30%)
Secure and Monitor Networks (15% to 20%)
Design and Implement Private Access to Azure Services (10% to 15%)

Share Microsoft Certified: Azure Network Engineer Associate AZ-700 Sample Questions

You have 10 Azure App Service instances. Each instance hosts the same web app. Each instance is in a different Azure region.
You need to configure Azure Traffic Manager to direct users to the instance that has the lowest latency.
Which routing method should you use?
Answer: D
Your company has offices in New York and Amsterdam. The company has an Azure subscription. Both offices connect to Azure by using a Site-to-Site VPN connection.
The office in Amsterdam uses resources in the North Europe Azure region. The office in New York uses resources in the East US Azure region.
You need to implement ExpressRoute circuits to connect each office to the nearest Azure region. Once the ExpressRoute circuits are connected, the on-premises computers in the Amsterdam office must be able to connect to the on-premises servers in the New York office by using the ExpressRoute circuits.
Which ExpressRoute option should you use?
A.ExpressRoute Local
B.ExpressRoute FastPath
C.ExpressRoute Direct
D.ExpressRoute Global Reach
Answer: A
Azure virtual networks in the East US Azure region as shown in the following table.
The virtual networks are peered to one another. Each virtual network contains four subnets.
You plan to deploy a virtual machine named VM1 that will inspect and route traffic between all the subnets on both the virtual networks.
What is the minimum number of IP addresses that you must assign to VM1?
Answer: B
You plan to deploy an Azure virtual network.
You need to design the subnets.
Which three types of resources require a dedicated subnet? Each correct answer presents a complete solution.
NOTE: Each correct selection is worth one point.
A.VPN gateway
B.Azure Bastion
C.Azure Active Directory Domain Services (Azure AD DS)
D.Azure Application Gateway v2
E.Azure Private Link
Answer: CDE
You have the Azure Traffic Manager profiles shown in the following table.
You plan to add the endpoints shown in the following table.
Which endpoints can you add to Profile2?
A.Endpoint1 and Endpoint4 only
B.Endpoint1, Endpoint2, Endpoint3, and Endpoint4
C.Endpoint1 only
D.Endpoint2 and Endpoint3 only
E.Endpoint3 only
Answer: A


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