Automotive Ventilated Seats in Saudi Arabia: Market Size, Study, by Product, Growth and Forecast 2027

Market Reports on Saudi Arabia Provides the Trending Market Research Report on Saudi Arabia Automotive Ventilated Seats Market By Vehicle Type, By Ventilation Type, By Demand Category, By Region, Competition Forecast & Opportunities, 2027” under  Automotive Market Research Reports category. The Automotive Ventilated Seats Market in Saudi Arabia is projected to exhibit highest growth rate over report offers a collection of superior market research, market analysis, and competitive intelligence and industry reports. Automotive Ventilated Seats in Saudi Arabia Market Report and Forecast 2027 Saudi Arabia automotive ventilated seat market is anticipated to witness robust growth during the forecast period, 2023-2027. The market is primarily driven by the growing demand for comfortable seating arrangements in high-priced vehicles and the rise in consumer awareness about the benefits of installing ventilated seats in automobiles. Also, the ongoing technological advancements in automobiles and flourishing aftermarket solutions are expected to create lucrative opportunities for Saudi Arabia automotive ventilated seat market growth over the forecast period. Increased Awareness about the Benefit of Ventilated Seats Drives the Market Demand : Saudi Arabia has vast deserts and witnesses very high temperatures throughout the year. Ventilated seats are a feature provided by automobile manufacturers and are built into the seats. It directs the air through the seat onto the passenger, ensuring enhanced comfort, especially while going on long journeys. The ventilated seats function via small fans attached to the seat cushion and backrest. Vehicles offer different fan speeds in their seat ventilation. When the switch is turned on, they work at its highest speed and time set by the automobile manufacturers, and the fan reduces its speed. Several benefits are offered by the ventilation seats, which is one of the major reasons for their high demand in automobiles. Ventilated seats lower sweat and dry the moisture between the body and the seat, which is a great help to passengers in hot and arid climatic conditions. They can also reduce the temperature of seats during parking out in the sun. Manufacturers are becoming increasingly aware of the difficulties faced by consumers while driving in hot climatic conditions. They are taking measures and installing ventilation seats to provide maximum comfort while traveling, which is expected to boost the Saudi Arabia automotive ventilated seats market growth over the next five years. High Sales of Luxury Vehicles Propel the Market Growth : Every year, Saudi Arabia imports around 600,000 cars from other countries. According to data provided by International Trade Administration, in 2020, Saudi Arabia accounted for 52% of the total vehicles sold in the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC). Saudis prefer to invest in a quality lifestyle. The luxury car manufacturing market players stay ahead in the market, adopt attractive marketing strategies, and associate their brands with the luxury lifestyle. Rapid urbanization and the development of efficient transportation network is further driving the sales of luxury vehicles. Also, by goals set by Saudi Vision 2030, which is an initiative taken by the government authorities, the National Industrial Development Center (NIDC) aims to attract 3-4 original equipment manufacturers into the country. It has a goal to manufacture 300,000 vehicles every year, which is expected to increase the number of luxury vehicles sold in the country. The majority of luxury vehicles have ventilated seats at the driver and front passenger seats. Even some vehicles have started to provide ventilated seats on the rear side of the vehicle.The high sales and production of luxury vehicles are expected to boost the Saudi Arabia automotive ventilated seats market growth over the forecast period. Technological Advancements in Automobiles Support the High Market Growth: The intense competition among automobile manufacturers in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is making them invest in research and development activities. They are finding innovative solutions to increase the functionality, performance, and fuel efficiency of the vehicles. The original equipment manufacturers are integrating novel technologies like artificial intelligence and internet of things technology in the system and upgrading the seats into ventilated seats to fuel the sales of automobiles. Also, the upcoming technological evolutions in ventilated seats, such as moisture-sensing seat technology, massaging seats, and liquid-cooled and heated seats, are expected to bolster the sales of ventilated seats across the country. Market Segmentation : The Saudi Arabia automotive ventilated seats market is segmented into vehicle type, ventilation type, demand category, regional distribution, and competitive landscape. Based on vehicle type, the market is divided into passenger cars and commercial vehicles. Based on ventilation type, the market is divided into active ventilation and passive ventilation. Based on the demand category, the market is bifurcated into OEM and replacement. To analyze the market based on the region, the Saudi Arabia automotive ventilated seats market is studied in major regions namely the north & central region, southern region, western region, and eastern region. Market Players : Faurecia SE, Magna International, Grammar AG, Gentherm Inc, Lear Corporation, NHK Spring, and Tachi-S Engineering U.S.A., Inc., are the major market players operating in the Saudi Arabia automotive ventilated seats market. Report Scope: In this report, Saudi Arabia automotive ventilated seats market has been segmented into the following categories, in addition to the industry trends which have also been detailed below: •Saudi Arabia Automotive Ventilated Seats Market, By Vehicle Type: Passenger Car Commercial Vehicle •Saudi Arabia Automotive Ventilated Seats Market, By Ventilation Type: Active Ventilation Passive Ventilation •Saudi Arabia Automotive Ventilated Seats Market, By Demand Category: OEMReplacement •Saudi Arabia Automotive Ventilated Seats Market, By Region: Northern & Central Southern Eastern Western Competitive Landscape Company Profiles: Detailed analysis of the major companies present in Saudi Arabia automotive ventilated seats market. 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