ARIA Oncology EMR Vs HENO EMR: Battle of the EMR


These software are great at doing the functions of electronic medical management. Both these companies are pretty well known in the EMR market place and they accumulated a good and sizeable customer base. There clientele in their portfolio of businesses they serve, have and greatly supported advocated their respective software. There customers are also extremely satisfied with the services and the tools each of them offers. The market for EMRs is greatly diversified, there are many who claim the same things as they do. Let see for ourselves what are their defining features.

Aria Oncology EMR Features

ARIA Oncology is a certified cloud-based EMR software that is specific for information system catering to oncology practices. The software enables the practitioners to create custom treatment plans, track number of doses, and draft the prescriptions of the patients using configurable templates. It also provides an image reviewing tool that supports multiple scanning an imaging option. The users can get instant access to patient’s data, this enables them to improve the planning and make adjustments on the fly when that is required. The software is capable enough to evaluates diagnosis-specific data in order to compare acute responses of patients to treatment and long-term clinical results. The information system supports both medical and radiation oncology, including the proton therapy. The software also reviews clinical images, prescriptions, lab results and more. It also automates the cancer staging based on AJCC guidelines and manage toxicities flexibly so the user monitors it constantly. The software can store patient’s records and images, on both local platforms and online storage. This allows the data to be exchanged between various departments instantly.

Few key features of Aria Oncology:

  • Patient Scheduling.
  • Audit Trail.
  • Medical Templates.
  • Patient Demographics.
  • Patient Portal.
  • Document Management.

ARIA Oncology EMR Demo and How to Request It

Requesting the demo form the ARIA website is pretty straightforward and easy. The customer needs to go onto the company’s website and go through request a demo option. There will be form that will pop up, which requires very basic details of the customers. After they fill out the form, the company sales rep. will contact the customer and inform them about the software and its features. The company does not offer a free trial for the software. 

How to Maneuver Through ARIA Oncology EMR Pricing

ARIA does not make the pricing of the software available to public on their website. This is a part of their pricing strategy. They tend to lean towards providing custom billing packages for their customers. The company does not have a free version of the software.

How do The ARIA Oncology EMR Reviews Look?

ARIA is not very much reviewed on the internet. The software is rated 3\5 on software finder  based on ‎24 user reviews. It is also rated 4\5 on findemr based on ‎10 user reviews.

HENO EMR Software Outline

HENO EMR is an integrated cloud-based software that is suitable for physical and speech therapy. The software can accommodate practices of multiple sizes. The key features of the software include EHR medical billing, and patient scheduling. The centralized patient data and digital file uploads feature of the software gives its users a complete patient overview. The data of the software is very much securely entered, saved, and can be accessed from any device. The financial reporting feature allows the users to see financials, appointments, no-shows, and cancellations of the patients. The automated payment postings and custom automated email reports in this software also included in the billing module. Customization of scheduling is available for multiple heath facilities. And this features best aids the practicians and providers. With integrating tool, the software is connected with multiple locations and allows the users to access patient profiles from anywhere. They can also manage check-ins, set recurring appointments, and view daily patient appointments. All of the above listed operations allow the clinics to run efficiently and in a user-friendly manner.

Few key Features of HENO:

  • Practice Management.
  • Insurance Management.
  • Assessment Management.
  • Patient Portal.
  • Treatment Planning.
  • Billing & Invoicing.
  • Progress Notes.


HENO EMR Demo and How to Request It

The customer can book a demo on the HENO online page. All they have to do is fill out a simple form that requires very basic detail. The company will reach out inform the customer about the software and its features. HENO does not offer free trial for the software.

HENO EMR Pricing: How Much does It Cost

The pricing of HENO is available on their website, and they incorporate flat rates in their pricing model. The pricing starts from $99 per month plus $5 per visit for the startup version. It goes up to $299 per month\per provider. There is no free version of the available at the moment.

HENO EMR Reviews and How They Stack Up

HENO is somewhat decently reviewed on the internet, with most reviews on the better side. The software is rated 4.5\5 at based on ‎26 user reviews. It is also rated 5\5 on based on ‎37 user reviews.

Major Drawbacks of Each Software

The drawbacks of both these software more or less the same. These software companies try to provide the best services to their customers, but sometimes they do fall short of doing that. Their customer support and be a bit unresponsive and the representative does not always have all the information. As they are cloud-based software, the operation can be hindered due to slow internet speed.


Both these software are really good at performing the functions of a potent EMR platform. Therea are some differences in terms of the practices there are best suited for. The conclusion of which software is better, that is completely up to the customers. They are the ones who will be using the software for their intended purposes. So, they should be the ones to make that verdict. They should evaluate their business operations and see for themselves which software fit the bill. From an expert’s perspective, the customers should choose the software that best fits their operational templet.