Are You Eligible for Dubai Golden Visa? Let’s Find Out

Eligible for Dubai Golden Visa

Opportunities come flooding to you when you expect them the least. Most of you have a desire to study or work and settle abroad. Of all the lucrative places overseas, the one that has attracted many over the years is Dubai. Both the working and studying facility in Dubai is of great quality.

When you travel to Dubai for education or work purposes, you certainly have to stay for a longer period. To get access to your long stay, you need to apply for Dubai golden visa. Since this is a matter of the visa, there are definitely certain rules and regulations you ought to comply with.

To know if you are eligible for the golden visa of Dubai, keep reading the blog till the end.

What is the Dubai golden visa?

As you can understand from its name, it is a visa that enables foreigners to study, live and work in Dubai. It gives you complete ownership of your business. So, you don’t have to bother about getting any national sponsorships. The tenure of this visa is ten years. Therefore, once you get the Dubai golden visa in hand, you can enjoy your stay there for a decade.

What happens after the completion of this tenure? Well, if you have to stay longer, you have to renew your golden visa before its validity is over. However, the tenure of this visa depends on your purpose. For example, the golden visa allows normal expatriate workers to stay in Dubai for two to three years. On the contrary, if you hold Emirate citizenship, you will get the Dubai golden visa only if the royal court of Dubai or the government approves it.

Dubai Golden Visa eligibility

To get the Dubai golden visa, you have to be the best fit. This depends on whether you are eligible. Most of you must be worried about this. Although the eligibility criteria for getting the Dubai Golden visa differs depending on your purpose of visit, once you submit all documents, you are sure to get the visa soon.

Let’s check out the different terms and conditions for being eligible for the Dubai golden visa.

Religious researchers and preachers

Recently, there has been a development in allowing visas to preachers and religious researchers. From now on, the government of Dubai will give golden visas to preachers and people related to religious cults. However, these religious people have to be associated with their religious practices for a period of 20 years.

Real estate investors

Dubai is a wonderful location to start a real estate business. However, if you have to get the golden visa, you have to meet any one of these conditions:

  • Buy a property whose value is more than AED 2 million
  • Buy a property by getting a bank loan from a particular bank
  • Purchase any one or more properties worth AED 2 million from the ones listed and approved by the local real estate companies.

Here, you have to submit the property registration documents as proof. Real estate investors can get a golden visa for 5 years after which they have to renew it to support their stay in Dubai.

Public investors

If you want to invest in a Dubai public investment fund, the Dubai government will grant you a golden visa for a decade. Here, you don’t need any national sponsorship. However, you need to provide these documents and details:

  • A declaration letter was passed from the investment fund of Dubai, claiming that you have AED 2 million deposited in the fund.
  • A letter issued by the Federal Tax Authority, mentioning that you as a loyal investor, willingly pay AED 2,50,000 to the government every year.
  • Submit a memorandum of the investment association and either an industrial or commercial license, mentioning that you as an investor hold a capital of AED 2 million and more.

Startup owners and entrepreneurs

If you have an intense urge to start a business in Dubai, the golden visa can be your ticket to the place. However, the first criterion to get a Dubai golden visa is to ensure that your company is registered by the UAE government. It should belong to the category of either medium or small industry that makes an annual revenue of more than AED 1 million.

Exceptional talents

Sometimes, you may have to travel to Dubai to showcase your exceptional talents. If you have been lucky in this respect, the golden visa can make you even luckier. Here, people belonging to special talents include:

  • Art and culture enthusiasts with a lot of creativity
  • Sports persons or athletes
  • Inventors of something unique
  • People holding a doctoral degree

You will get a 10-year visa under this category. However, before providing it, the authorities will judge your talent.


As an executive, you can get the Dubai Golden Visa only if you submit the following:

  • A valid work contract
  • A salary slip, showing a salary payment of at least AED 50,000
  • A letter of experience with at least 5 years of experience in the same position
  • A copy of a university degree issued from the Ministry of Education and holding a bachelor’s degree


If you hold an exceptional academic background, with high grades throughout your academic career, you can get this Dubai golden visa for ten years. As a high school student, you have to be a national topper with at least 95% marks to get the visa. If you are a college student willing to get into the university of Dubai, you must get a letter of recommendation or a graduation certificate from a reputed university accredited under the Ministry of Education.


Therefore, to be eligible for a golden visa, you must conform to the rules and regulations mentioned above. You certainly don’t want your dreams to get shattered only because of a visa failure. So, submitting the correct documents at the right time is a must. If you need assistance with the application process, it’s advisable to contact an agency for Dubai golden visa.