Are Men’s and Women’s Yeezy Sneakers the Same?


Have you noticed that there’s only one size of Men’s and Women’s Yeezy Boost 350 V2 Beluga sneakers on Adidas official website? If so, you may have wondered whether the shoes are really unisex or not? And the more important question, are Men’s and Women’s Yeezy Sneakers equal in sizes? Well, today I would like to tell you what exactly is the difference between them and can both Men’s and Women’s Yeezy Boost 350 V2 Beluga sneakers fit all sizes of your feet? Let me start with the first question.

The anatomy of a Yeezy sneaker

The yeezy supply Maxluxe sneaker is a very sought after shoe, especially due to its exclusivity. In order to get your hands on one of these shoes, you will need to put in some leg work. Unfortunately, many men who wanted a pair of Maxluxes in their size have been told they could only buy them if they buy them with their girlfriend or wife’s pair. Is that true? Well no, not really but it seems like women are able to buy two pairs of the coveted shoes so how does that make sense?

Women max-luxe sneakers typically retail for much less than their male counterparts, which may account for why some believe you can only get a single pair with another gender.

Differences between men’s and women’s Yeezy sneakers

Though both men’s and women’s Yeezy sneakers are made by Adidas, there are some notable differences. For example, the MaxLuxe Boost is only available in women sizes. And while Kanye West famously designed the men’s shoe, he had help from his wife Kim Kardashian with designing for women.

The trademarked Yeezy feature on Kanye West shoes is also different between men and women: it is spelled out as YZY on the men’s version, but abbreviated to YEZY on woman shoes. Women also have a heel strap at the back of their sneaker where men do not. Finally, Nike offers two versions of Yeezy Boosts: one that fits wide feet and one that fits narrow feet. They can be easily differentiated by looking at their sole or their laces – narrow width soles have little holes near the heel whereas wide width soles have bigger holes near the toe area.

How to choose the right size Yeezy sneaker

Choosing the right size is important.

  • Check your foot length in centimeters (length of your foot from heel to toe). Be sure to measure each foot as they can be different sizes.
  • Order a size with a smaller number than your measurement: if you measure 25cm, order a 24 or 23 size shoe; if you measure 27cm, order a 26 or 28 size shoe. Keep in mind that the difference between two sizes is usually about one half size so if you measure 23cm for example, it would be best to order a 221⁄2 or 22.5 size shoe.

Why men’s and women’s Yeezy sneakers are priced differently

In order to answer the question of why men’s and women’s Yeezy sneakers are priced differently, we need to take a look at how they’re made. The production process is different for each shoe, meaning that they’re manufactured in two different factories. This means that it costs more money to produce a shoe for a woman than it does for a man. The factories make less of a profit on men’s shoes because there are fewer people who buy them (less orders) but more of a profit on women’s shoes because there are significantly more people who buy them (more orders).