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Upon passing the S90.03 exam, candidates are awarded the Certified SOA Design & Architecture Specialist certification, which demonstrates their expertise in designing and architecting service-oriented solutions. This certification is recognized worldwide and can help individuals advance their careers in the field of SOA. Making your journey to the most valuable certification is not easy. You need effective exam preparation material for completion of this aim. In this article we will discuss Arcitura Education Exam Dumps which are too important for SOA Design & Architecture certification exam preparation.


The Advanced SOA Design Architecture exam, a prerequisite for the SOA Certification, can assess your degree of professional proficiency. Candidates aim to ace the exam to show their expertise. To cover the key ideas of Planning and Building SOA Superdome Server Systems and enhance candidates’ skills, this course has prepared and approved 105 Advanced SOA Design & Architecture questions and answers. With practice questions, you may ace the Advanced SOA Design & Architecture test with ease, obtain the SOA, and progress down the SOA career path.

What Do You Understand in the SOA Design & Architecture Exam?

The S90.03 or SOA Design Architecture (S90-03A), as it is commonly known, allows SOA significant latitude to consider a variety of topics. Since they test at random on the wide variety of subjects accessible, it follows that knowledge with the majority of the S90.03 content is necessary. Recall that experience needs frequently result from observations of the typical person and what is necessary. Even though it might need extra effort, you can always push past it to succeed with the S90.03.

What modules are covered in the S90.03 exam?

  • Service-Orientation and SOA History
  • Basics of SOA Theory
  • Design that is “silo”-based versus service-oriented
  • Features that Set Apart the SOA Model
  • Knowing services and their capabilities
  • Detailed Service Roles and responsibilities for composition design and composition runtime
  • The Eight Service-Oriented Design Principles
  • Standardized Service Contracts, Contract First Design, and Uniform Contracts
  • Coupling Types, Service Abstraction, and Information Hiding, as well as Service Loose Coupling
  • Reusable Services and Agnostic Design
  • Runtime control and Service Autonomy
  • Statelessness in Service and State Deferral
  • Discoverability and Interpretability of Services
  • Basics of SOA Design Patterns

How To Prepare For The SOA Design & Architecture Certification Exam?

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The Arcitura Education S90.03 certification exam is designed to test candidates’ knowledge and skills in the area of Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) Design & Architecture. It covers key concepts, principles, and patterns of SOA design and architecture, as well as best practices for designing and implementing scalable, flexible, and maintainable service-oriented systems.