Applications And Uses For ACP Sheets In Home Design

acp sheet design for home

Thanks to the ACP sheets and its evolution, modern-day urban facade designs are changing. However, as much as the external facia matters in contouring the architecture, the interior also demands a simultaneous upliftment. Complementing the external cladding options, the interior decor also needs a facelift. This is why the architectural community has always looked for ACP sheet design for home where these sandwich panels can be used to redesign the space.

When it comes to design thinking, keeping up the spatial qualities is one of the vital qualities that the design elements bring on. For urban home space designs, interior ACP sheet is gradually seeing a demand. This is primarily because ACPs have proved its presence and importance in exterior facia application. But looking for a sustainable and affordable design material that is ductile enough to be mended into different shapes and sizes –  ACP is invariably a trusted choice.

Simply said, the following are the main reasons what make ACP a loved choice –

  • Lightweight and that makes handling these material gets easy

  • Exceptionally versatile

  • Comes with easy installation

  • Robust and easy to manage

  • Cost-effective

  • Vast range of colours and textures

Broadly said, ACP sheets can be categorized into two branches-

Non-Fire Rated Grade

Aluminum composite panels are created by sandwiching a polymer core between two very thin layers of metal sheets. You need LDPE or polyethylene to make the ACP sheet. The fact that the sheets are flammable, and combustible makes them non-fire rate sheets. Based on the fire rating, the use of the ACP sheets is constrained.

Fire-Rated Grade

ACP that is fire-rated can endure the fire for around two hours, depending on the core composition. The primary distinction between ACP sheets that have been fire-rated and non-fire-rated is how they restrict fire. The core of the fire-rated ACP is made of fire-resistant material, while HDPE/LPDE are required to make the normal ACP.

Types of ACP Sheets For Home Décor

Interior spaces

ACP sheets are a great option for your home’s interior as discussed. It can be used for kitchen cabinets, trolleys, and shelves. It’s possible that homes use these sheets to cover the bathroom ceilings and false ceilings. Also, there are design consultants who suggest the use of ACP on their wardrobes.

Creating partitions

The majority of office buildings aim to make the best use of their available space. For this, they frequently make partitions that aesthetically demarcate the distinct spaces. Numerous ACP sheet designs are available that can be complimenting to the rest of the aesthetics of the space. Most importantly, these materials are very easy to handle and maintain.


Hoardings and signage are traditionally used for outdoor displays. However, for smaller units, such as cafes or confined retail spaces, there can be designs created using ACP sheet. It uses this ability to withstand temperature variations and extreme weather effects. The signages made from ACP sheets can be used to place on roofs or balconies, specially if you are looking for a hanging design. It is a safe and trendy option firstly because they are light in weight to remain hoisted without the worry of being dropped. Secondly, with little maintenance, you can keep up the shine of the product.

Stylish cladding designs for your home in 2023

Bold grey

The interior’s use of grey acp sheet hue both adds to the room’s beauty in numerous ways and creates a sensual atmosphere. When coupled with an ACP sheet, this grey shade will give your house a modern feel. The living room and office are perfect places to use ACP sheets in the colour grey for interior design. The interior design of the space will have an alluring appeal thanks to these colourful pillows.

Timber texture

ACP sheets with a wooden grain are undoubtedly a viable option for bringing colour to your kitchen. Your kitchen will look delicious when painted this colour. Because ACP sheets are fireproof, it adds to the safety quotient. Also, its lovely pattern will comfort your heart. Kitchen shelves and walls can also be covered with Encap sheets. This will improve the kitchen’s visual appeal.


By employing stone like acp sheets, you may offer your buildings a really lovely and natural aspect. By employing mirror ACP sheets and various ACP sheet colours, it is possible to create accurate replicas of numerous natural sculptures. In order to give the façade of enormous skyscrapers a 3D and captivating aspect, ACP sheets are used. The ACP sheet can withstand environmental fluctuations with ease because of its excellent durability. As a result, the buildings’ self-life lengthens and your home and office continue to be sturdy for a very long time.

Glossy finish

Your interior walls and ceiling can be embellished with a dramatic design using glossy ACP sheets. You can provide a lovely aesthetic to your bedroom wall by using the custom glossy ACP sheet. Bright lights and glossy ACP sheets will make your roof stand out from the rest. These ACP sheets are thereby adding a fresh touch to contemporary interior design.

Classic monochrome

The elegant monochromatic app sheet design will give the outside of your building a seductive appearance. Everyone’s focus will be diverted away from the road by the grey and black ACP sheet cladding on the façade. If you want to improve the aesthetic of your building, you can choose an ACP sheet in a different colour. Windows users may use monochrome-styled mirror ACP sheets. These sheets will give your home a stylish appearance while also enhancing the atmosphere within.

Fine cut sheets

Lattice cuttings on ACP sheets can enhance their appearance. This style of design can be applied to both residential and commercial structures. Your bathroom can have a special charm thanks to these ACP cut-edge linens. You have undoubtedly noticed the maze of ACP sheet design outside some of the tall buildings. This displays how they can be used in various capacities and give your house and office a fashionable look.