API Integrations for Payment Platforms


A commercial website may have the best UI/UX, a nice collection for shopping, and everything is beautifully placed with a perfect layout, but if a user is not able to initiate the payment everything is just a waste. There is no point in having a business without a cash counter, simple as this. Many times, it happens that an organization spends a huge amount on the developing side of the website/app and ignores the payment gateway part.  

There is always a misconception regarding the payment gateway system and given the least priority. Thus, having a secure and safe payment gateway service is key to success. This payment gateway is based on security, its timing, enables easy processing, and should accept different currencies as well. This can help to grab global attraction. Hence for payment gateways, smart API integration is necessary for developing any payment platform. Let us understand this basic thing by studying the commonly used payment gateway services.

  1. Apple Pay 

With Apple Pay, an individual is able to make payments in-store, on applications, or on the web. This platform is also used to send and receive money within the US. Apple Pay gateway is a contact-less payment option for in-store shopping. Apple Pay does not keep any credit or debit card information with it and saves it from fraudulent eyes. There are many features of Apple Pay and they are mentioned below.  


  • In-app transactions 
  • Motivate rewards 
  • Face ID passcode 
  • Touch ID passcode 
  • Linked with Siri assistant 
  • Webstore transactions 
  • Send & receive money 
  • Passcode authentication 
  • Enables bank account transfer 

2. PayPal 

PayPal saves all the payment information and cards and enables E-commerce transactions. This system of payment fits into any website design and enables payment from its payment gateway. Also, you can receive safe payments on this payment gateway platform from strangers, without sharing your card details or information. In all, it makes it a safe, time-saving, and convenient payment gateway option. PayPal’s features are given below.  


  • Secure transaction 
  • Send & receive money 
  • Easy bank account transfer 
  • Supports all currency 
  • Supports e-commerce websites 

3. Amazon pays 

This payment gateway is designed to be cloud-based and used on Amazon. Amazon Pay helps to make quick payments and get buying or even selling tasks speedily. This system is appreciated to attract potential buyers and convert them to permanent customers. Also, there are different specifications for the seller account and their amazon pay features. But in general, features are given below.  


  • Automatic payment system 
  • Safe and secure payments 
  • Supports all currencies 
  • Inline checkout 
  • Identity security 
  • Linked with Alexa assistant

4. Google Pay 

Google Pay has received much popularity in a short time and connected the globe to the same page for payment transactions. Google Pay can be linked with other e-commerce websites. Also, it enables bill payments, recharges, and bank account transfers. There are many features that Google Pay offers.  


  • Automatic payment system 
  • Linked with other e-commerce sites/apps 
  • Enables bank account transfer 
  • Multi-layer security 
  • No extra fees  
  • Instant transactions 

Also, there are other such payment gateway systems that are working with nearly the same features. These payment platforms with API integrations benefit the businesses in the following ways: 

  • The checkout process gets easy and simple to use for any user.  
  • Encourages the customers, as a slow checkout process or complex process may lose potential buyers. Thus, with payment gateway platforms, the process is cut short and increases customer visits.  
  • Integrates with other e-commerce sites/apps to provide the user with a smooth experience while shopping.  
  • Mostly, payment gateway platforms accept multiple payment options.  
  • While making the payments with the payment platforms, many of them offer rewards in return for the transactions. This motivates customers to use such payment gateway options.  
  • The payment platforms are secured with multi-layer protection like a passcode, touch ID, face ID, and banking pins. Hence, the chance of fraud is minimal making it the most secure platform for financial transactions.  
  • International transactions are made possible with payment gateways and the user is able to transact anywhere around the globe.  
  • Payment platforms save a lot of time for the user. With just one click, a user can check out immediately and doesn’t require remembering long account details or card details while making payments.  
  • Many payment platforms offer fraud detection tools that increase safety.   

API Integrations for Payment Platform

Commonly used payment gateway systems have used API integration for their payment platforms and are benefiting from it. They are popular for the benefits they provide to users and are satisfying customers too. Thus, opting for a payment gateway system is more desirable by the consumer as well as the seller to make the most of the benefits and features offered by payment gateway platforms with API integration 

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